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so I want to know more how toddler acts I don't know much about how toddlers act can someone help
Go onto YouTube and search up toddlers playing and child development, that will give you some ideas, then choose a age that you most feel you are say 9 months or 2 years.
An interesting question, actually you can find on other site about how toddler acts, but there are some things that I know about toddler behaviour that maybe little weird to do.

I don't much know, but toddlers generally like to get tantrums for somethings that make them sad or there are somethings that are not fulfilled, strong sadness without control makes them eventually get tantrum (this is little bit difficult to do because this is deal with the emotional and social) the next is coward, toddlers are usually afraid of everything that they considers dangerous or creepy, that makes them tends to hide behind their parents (maybe you can do this when you with your caretaker like mom at the outside). Jealous, toddlers always felt jealous when they felt a less attention so they wanted all attention just poured out to them and everything goes according to them if not then the tantrum is imminent. Else toddlers also hyperactive in which they often don't considerate and reckless, restless, running and climbing so difficult to play quietly (a little fine if you do this) and the they also like to "shout", this is usually done by them for get more attention.

I don't know like what you doing your little side, depends on your own creativity.

Sorry for annoying grammar.
That sounds more like it Aesther, there is a lot behind a toddler in development and how they behave but I would still watch a toddler interact with the world to get a real understanding of their world and understanding but better still, be with a toddler in real life, that's how I got my personality from when I am a toddler.
I find that I did not need to try to act like a toddler. I just did what felt right for me. I did take a child development course in college so I know a bit how they act and such. I would not recommend searching on youtube as that just seems rather creepy and a little to borderline pedophilia tenancies. Just act how it feels natural to act. That is what will make you the happiest.

Hi being my self is easy I don't have to remember where I am and how I with becouse i get onto trouble.

But Acting like a grown up or Adulting that hard.

Seriously you should have to put an act on, just be your self.

In my opinion regression works best when you're in contact with your inner child and you let him or her just play, or do something that you get enjoyment out of, like making cookies.

This is why I don't like the phrase "age play." Becouse some of us don't play at being a child at hart, we are a child it just that our body's have got big. :,,,(

Well that what i thinks.

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binkygirl said:
I find that I did not need to try to act like a toddler. I just did what felt right for me. I did take a child development course in college so I know a bit how they act and such. I would not recommend searching on youtube as that just seems rather creepy and a little to borderline pedophilia tenancies. Just act how it feels natural to act. That is what will make you the happiest.
What! They searched how toddlers play in YouTube in college! It's normal! Do you think it's pedophilia tendencies to babysit and watch a child play!? How is it creepy, you can learn a lot from observing, if you search in the advantages and how children learn through play, you will be able to see and get ideas how toddlers the age you are playing act! O.k. And this is not seen as "borderline pedophilia" by outsiders! I play with my cusio a and my 3 year old step cusion and I don't feel a ounce of sexual attraction or arrousal! Seriously "borderline pedophilia" what is this world coming to!? What's next, wearing a child's diapers means you raped a baby!?
I am not talking about baby sitting and such like that. I am talking about a total stranger who all the sudden is hounding the internet watching children. And college researching the psychology of children is totally different than someone who has a fetish searching and looking at it. Plus in college pretty sure they don't search youtube for that type of stuff. They use other means of research. Plus take a site like this where there are sexual aspects for some people and then send them to search to look at children. Just saying it is kinda creepy. Pick up a book and read it. If you really want to learn about how a child thinks and plays read a book about child development where you have actual psychologist talk about the actual development for different ages. I worked in a daycare and yes I observed the children but it was not to see what they were thinking and how they were playing it was to make sure they did not hurt each other or themselves. If you go into public and just watching peoples kids that is going to be seen as creepy no matter what the reason. Just think about it from the outside point of view. It is kinda creepy.
I don't stand outside just to watch kids playing, I don't really search kids playing on YouTube at all, I was just appalled that you think anybody who searches kids playing are automatically pedophiles! I mainly search up child development and I have seen a interesting documentary about how children think during the years and got a lot of ideas from that. To think that people who need to find out and people who are emotionally ABDLs are labeled as pedophiles is upsetting, just not knowing how real children act is not fulfilling as I see age players that know nothing about child development and act so stereotypical, it's not like real children at all, I feel more childlike for knowing how to act for my role playing age group. So I am creepy am I! Thanks binky girl! Sorry it's been a long day... Take no notice of the last comment, you know how I feel, I have called all sorts of names throughout my whole life and made to feel as clean as a pigsty! I feel as low in society as a slave and a nobody with no friends! Do you know why I have no friends!? Not because I am mean because I am not, because nobody is interesting and I know nobody who is a little in real life! And I am scared to meet up in case the so called little is a pervert and tries to rape me! I sometimes feel even though they are people around, I feel like everybody has been swept off the face of the earth leaving traces that they existed! Sorry, you have no idea, you shouldn't of been shouted at like that, I just can't deal with another thought that is going to make me feel as low and make me feel like a pedophile when I am clearly not!
I am not saying watching any videos about children is pedophilia. What I am saying is looking at actual documentaries on child development not just go searching youtube for videos of children playing. I am saying not really a good Idea to tell people on a fetish site to go looking up all this stuff. I am not calling anyone here a pedophile. I am not saying the ABDL life style lends to pedophilia. Look up the right stuff.

Listen to what the experts say about child development. If I was a parent youtubing I would be pretty careful what I put up of my children. I have looked into it and there is a way to fin out where people are sharing your videos where they are being veiwed from and such. I am just saying that people can see who watches their videos there are different statistics you get on your videos. You can find out the age and sex of people that view your stuff. I am saying just be careful.

Watching a documentary is a little different than just searching children on YouTube. These videos were put together for the purpose of research. Also people who look at your channel on youtube can see what you watch and like and share. So yeah people can find out. I have done it my self I have looked into people who were watching my channel. I had one situation where I had a rather creepy man commenting on my videos. So I investigated. I found out what he usually watches the types of video he watches. I found out that he used several different names and everytime I blocked one of his account he would pop up with another one.

To the original poster just be careful act and do what feels right for your little self. Read some books and watch documentaries.
Just be yourself! :)
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