thinking of getting some rearz safari

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I was looking around for a reasonable price on Safari, and ran into a discrpency in diapers per bag. says only 10 per bag, 30 per case, for sizes lg and xl, the smaller sizes are all 12 per pag and 36 per case.

But says ALL bags are 12 and ALL cases are 36. And that page has been up for awhile, so I'd expect they would have corrected a problem like that by now.

So.... did bambino repack the diapers into larger bags? Is there anywhere cheaper to order from? I don't mind getting a case, I'd just like to save where possible. (Rearz is $80+36 to USA)
I recently had a bag of Medium and there was 12 in the bag. Thats all the help I can offer you there.

I will say tho, look at the sizing carefully. I am a between and 34 and 36 waist and thought the Mediums would fit no problem.....wrong. I should have ordered Large.
i had the same issue with rearz they cut thier diapers on the small size, I wear dry 24/7's and thought the medium inspire plus would fit. I got it on but it was a strech.

when you have the right fit theynare a comfortable absorbant diaper, I may switch to them but they are expensive by the package but only 42 cents more per diaper if I buy by the case.
My waist is around 39" but my hips are of course wider, so I don't think I can do medium. Confidry 247 are the only medium diaper that (barely) fits me.

I'm just trying to find them at a resonable price to try, and it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. I don't usually do 1 or 2 pc samples, I usually get a bag or two. Let me know if you spot any for a fair price.
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