Stop littering highways in MN

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I am sure this post will not reach the intended target but I feel the need to speak out on this in case you are on this site - I have posted it on other ABDL friendly boards as well. While visiting Minneapolis this past month for work and taking an extended stay to visit family, I have seen used diapers - adult size ones that looked like a cushy and others have looked non ABDL like attends or store brand (obviously I did not get out of the car to figure out the exact brand - but having worn diapers for fun for the majority of my life I know what they look like) on the same entrance to 394 in Minneapolis/Minnetonka quite frequently recently. There were just random singles spread out as the month or so progressed, so its not like this was a nursing home dumping trash trying to avoid disposal charges, this is an individual or maybe a couple just being lazy and throwing diapers wherever they damn well please. I understand some people may have to hide their diaper wearing but damn do you really need to throw them out on the highway and litter?!? I am not a super tree hugger or anything but we all know disposible diapers wont just disinigrate so they are going to sit there and rot and probably make animals sick that as they will inevitable encounter them. On top of all that this really does not help the stigma about ABDLs, this adds lazy and slob-like to the already bad public light most see us in. Sorry for the rant. So all though this may fall on deaf ears - but if the culprit is on this board - please stop - if its that hard to dispose of your diapers I will freaking mail you a diaper genie.
its the diaper bomber
Agreed completely with this.
Totally agree with everything you said. I spend a lot of time in nature and in the outdoors and litter is one of those things that really ANGERS me. So I am not happy to hear that some ABDL is littering their used diapers across the freeway. I really hope this person is caught, fined, and has to clean everything up.
Well that sucks and I agree, hate to see that kind of behavior.
How to get rid of diapers if you have to hide them:

1. put them in a trash bag.
2. Find a public trash can, or dumpster.


Trying so hard to cover your habits that you actually make yourself more visible..
People are going to give more attention to someone who litters the highway with ABDL nappies than someone who just walks to a trash can.
It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole basket, I agree with you, I've seen the same on some roads in AZ,. and it is discusting.
43goofball43 said:
It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole basket, I agree with you, I've seen the same on some roads in AZ,. and it is discusting.
I have ejected from my vehicle an occasion banana or orange peel but never diapers. You do not need to be a tree hugger to care about someone else's disregard for the earth and society's decay and disregard of others.
Maxx said:
Not actual jobs here... its mostly prisoners or 'community service'.
OK get out the DNA kits. Run the sample through the tester and find out who the SOB is that is littering.
In the future world anyone having to buy or use diapers will have to have a license permit and submit to
having a DNA identification on file.
If found guilty of diaper littering - suitable punishment would be to be dressed in diapers (showing of course)
and picking up litter on a designated section of highway with signage:


Please feel free to give them a honk of approval and appreciation for maintaining this highway !
Note said:
Hmm, littering is kinda like one of those catch 22 type of things. While it is irresponsible and can be environmentally harmful, it does create jobs for those that get paid to deal with it.

I don't think it's reasonable to say that littering can be a good thing because it creates jobs... It's not fair that people have to walk or drive amidst litter, and not fair that your taxes have to pay to clean up their mess.

If you want to increase taxes to create jobs, why not spend your community's money on something worthwhile -- better free healthcare, more homeless shelters, increase the minimum wage, new cycle lanes, or... whatever. Spending money on something that's avoidable (if only people behaved responsibly) isn't really a "good" thing; it's the best of a bad situation. Littering really shouldn't be encouraged.
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