Soundtrack to your life?

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Basically, if a documentary was made about your life, what 10 songs would you choose to include as the soundtrack? I've listed specific reasons for some of mine, but others are simply songs I absolutely love. In no particular order...


XTC - Runaways (would fit well with my rebellious early teens!)

The New Pornographers - Adventures in Solitude (I recovered after nearly dying post-spinal surgery. "We thought we'd lost you/welcome back" seems quite fitting.)

INXS - Don't Change

Vampire Weekend - Campus (Remember listening it lots when I went traveling in Israel & Palestine)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark (My Mum was a huge fan of the Boss, and she died when I was little. Hearing his music always reminds me of her!)

The Bridge Gang - Blue Sky Grey

Kanye West - Heartless (Like most people, I've been through an unrequited love for someone with a heart of ice)

Paul Simon - Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes (the gateway into my love of world music. Just a wonderful song, too).

The Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man

The Beatles - In My Life (for all the people I care about deeply :) ).


How about fellow ADISCers? :)
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Nice collection Snaps....I think I'd need to work on mine for a bit. :)
I will have to work on mine, but I am sure there is going to be a lot of Mozart, Bach, and Verte
Damn, I have a few but I can't remember the tracks, I will get back with this soon.
Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole -"Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World"
[setting:]Flying/in motion aerial video.
[Inspiration:] A time where exploration, and real change of perspectives were starting for me... and, actually getting to take the controls of a small plane in flight...

I'll edit this post as I add more...

Crap Marka.....You got that one before me lol..... love that
[My inspiration for this: I will have friends who are there for me no matter where I am or how hurt I am, I have some of the most memorable friends and no matter if I lose one, another one will come by and replace him/her and be a better friend than my other ones who have hurt me in the past.]

Time we don't have-
[My Inspiration for this: No lyrics but a reminder that there if there is good you see or try to find, you can not waste it in this world, everything that is good is valuable even if it hurts. Always find a reason to keep things or overcome them.]

[My Inspiration for this: The powerful message it sends that any wishes I can make must might or might not come true, but every plane I see in the sky, I always pretend it's my shooting star and I make a wish]

Now you see my life-
[My Inspiration for this: It's my life and I run it my way, no one can tell me how to run it even if it's my best friend or my wife, while life truly sucks and hurts, always get back up and override events that may step into your path]
To a Friend - Speaks for itself. I have had some dark hours and the friends I have, have helped me through them.

Sharks and Danger - This song just... Just describes so much to me. From my struggles with Depression and thoughts of Suicide to the happy ecstatic moments. It's like falling apart at the seams and putting myself back together.

Help is On The Way - My inspiration for using this song, is that it adequately describes my willing and ableness to help those who need it most. When they need it most.

I'll add more to it later, right now I'm unable to think of other songs that are in my soundtrack to life.
If my life had a sound track it would be

Devil's Own by Five finger death punch
Open wounds by Skillet
Devil in I by Slipknot
Gone too soon by Daughtry
Mother murder by Hollywood undead
Devils night by motionless in white
Amaranthine by amaranth
Easy to love you by theory of a deadman
Awesome topic for music lovers SNA - I think that your music choices are wonderful. You have amazing taste. (Or maybe just similar to me, LOL!) I am totally going to have fun thinking about this because I adore music and one of my favourite games is picking the right music for the right story or situation.
My childhood: Balmorhea - Remembrance

School / Teenager Years / Struggles with Anxiety/ Depression: Regina Specktor - No Surprises (Radiohead Cover)

Father Passing Away: Radical Face - All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)

College: Wolf Parade - Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

After a bad relationship ended and I had found a job and some friends: The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division

When I thought I had found a home, but it turned out not to be true: Devotchka - New World

When I got very sick and stayed that way, for years: Grandaddy - Okay with My Decay

Learning how to get my life back in spite of chronic illness: Breathe Owl Breathe - Own Stunts

My life today: Phantom Planet - Our House

How I imagine my death: The Deadly Syndrome - I Hope I Become a Ghost
I like this thread! These songs were not easy for me to decide upon, as I could list an endless amount. The soundtrack to my life is mostly a blur full of depression, drugs, and heartbreak. At least the drugs are still good though! A lot of these are some of my favs and they are REALLY, REALLY FANTASTIC.

"Fade Into You" - Mazzy Star
"Rake" - Townes Van Zandt
"Crazy" - Ray LaMontagne
"I'm Losing Myself" (feat. Ed Droste) - Robin Pecknold
"Stealing Tomorrow" - Great Lake Swimmers
"If You Want Blood" - Mark Kozelek
"Mercy" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
"Operator" - Jim Croce
"Let Me Roll It" - Lake Street Dive
"One Day Soon" - Luluc
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