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  • Oh Were oh were has our Frogsy gone?

    Oh were oh were could she be?

    We miss you!!!!
    Yay! Except, I must have just missed you last-night... It's good to hear from you again! *HUGS* -Marka
    Oh F-r-o-g-s-y! ... where's Frogsy? Happy and well? :hug: -Marka
    Hoping you're doing well. We haven't heard from you in a while. I miss your words of wisdom and compassionate caring
    I figured I should try posting something on visitor messages for once and to not be a stranger. So how are you doing Frogsy? I trust things are going well for you? :smile:
    Out of the older bunch, Rainbow Dash is my favorite, but I feel like a combination of Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie
    Frogsy, hi! I don't say hi enough to you! Again, Frogsy is the best! I hope you are super swell and ribbiting well!
    hey frogsy i just read your Bio section about the Totem animal. i figured id stop by and share mine to. though mine was given by a diffrent religion/belief system. but i was given wolf totem by the cheif of my old friend's native american tribe. it signified my loyalty to my friends and family and the drive and freocity to protect those who mean the most to me. but yeah you shared yours so i figured id share mine. hope you have a good day and a fantastic 2014
    Congratulations to you too! You deserve the honour (right down to making everyone's awards!) Love you lots! <3
    I said it three days ago but it bares repeating. Frogsy is the best. Your posts today have been exceptional. I'm sleepy so don't mind my relentless compliments. Night night Frogsy. <3
    Frogsy is like, literally the best. Always happy to see that cute frog and whatever words you are bringing. ^_^
    Happy birthday! (Well, as of yesterday). Only 364 days til the next one!
    Marka: What are you inspired to feel?
    Frogsy: Purposeful and alive.

    I was going to start a new blog-post...but, I ran across this one from about 5-months ago... It made my eyes 'well' a bit...
    What are you inspired to do? -Marka
    You're welcome Frogsy! I'm glad to hear of your improvements too! If you should find yourself devaluing...please try to remember that what you appreciate about us, is very much what we appreciate about you too...this many ADISC'ers can't be wrong!! :grouphug: -Marka
    Frogsy, I know that you are in good hands with Adventurer! If ever there is anything that I can do to know where I am...if not here...probably on your lapel ;) Take care love! -Marka
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