Sooo, I think I'm in shock. Please help. :(

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For Easter I wore a baby yellow onesie, and a green cotton jacket over to my parents house. I had my jacket unzipped so the front of my onesie was exposed to anything that could stain it. I like to keep them clean so I was devastated when our doggy greeted me with muddy paws. My mom had me take my shirt off, but she did not know I was back in diapers again.

She did not say much about the onesie. She cleaned it up really nicely. So today when I washed clothes, and put them in the dryer. They came out all bleached. My two good pairs of blacknowledge khakis are ruined. Now I havever nothing I can wear and still be somewhat discreet in. :(

I told my mom in a panic what had happened to the clothes when she came over to give my aunt a bath. I did not ask her to, but she lifted my shirt up, and pulled on my cloth nappy. She did not say anything right away, but she asked me how I was feeling emotionally. I told her about my scratching at night, and that it's most likely emotional problems.

She knows that I am in nappies because of emotional issues, but she thinks it is causing incontinence. Right now I am not suffering from
IC, but I have in the past due to the feel bads. So
I do not think it is fair for me to assume that she thinks that I am padded because of IC from stress. She has never seen my pacifier that I know of, but I have had close calls before.

I feel so little, and scared right now. I want to cry, and hold my bunny. I don'5 know how to tell them, or if I ever should discuss it. Maybe let them connect the dots on there own, would that be less confrontational?

Lots of love to the Adisc members!
Ohhh, I'm sorry that you feel nervous about all of this, and that your favorite clothes are a mess. If it makes you feel any better, I think your mom sounds like she responded fairly well since she knows you wear diapers. She sound like she is mostly concerned that you are feeling happy, which is a good thing. I don't think you should worry about her judging you, so talking to her about it probably isn't nessisary, but if you think it would help you feel safer knowing what your mom would say, it sounds like she is the type that would be very understanding. It makes sense when you say that wearing diapers helps you calm down, and it seems like that is maybe her main priority. You are the best judge though on how she might react, and honestly, I don't think you should feel obligated to talk to her about it, it seems like her current reactions are as 'bad' as they get, not that they were actually bad.
I have to agree with Tyger as I think he's right. I'm sorry that you're having some emotional problems. Those seem like your bigger problem, but I understand losing favorite or useful clothes. I have a Donald Duck onsie that my wife bought me and I'd be upset if it got ruined. I guess your mom was just trying to get them clean. As for telling her, I think that depends on what you gain weighed against what you might lose. If your mom is accepting of you and who she thinks you are, you probably can discuss this with her, but you're the only one who can make that judgement.


Sounds like you have had a hard time, please don't worry. It will pass and you will fell happier.

Sorry to hear about your clothes that very sad. Just knowing how much they cost.

If they are not too badly bamage just bleach colours, perhaps fabric dye might bring them back.

Your mum sounds very caring.
You are the best one to judge this and really think about why you won't to.

But comming out with everything to your mum, actually may help, as must perents just won't the best for there child. And leaving them to put the dots together, may not be the best thing.

It is in the parents job description to worry about there child, and from what you have told us, I think your mum is worrying.

Children of any age do not come with an instruction manuals, we have to bo the best we can.

My Son is Middle through and through. Yesterday he had lost the garage keys. All because he did not put them back after he had finsh with them.

We have such an open relationship he know that I am a Little and what to do when I am in a Little head space and need help comming back up.

Talking thing through with someone you can trust is going to really help you, and there are good councillors out there. If you don't think being open with you mum is going to work.

Also having a good cry helps. It releases built-up tension. Just please don't let your thought and feelings bring you down.

Hope this helps you.

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