Pull-Ups : What's Good?

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I noticed there aren't any pull-up reviews on the site, and though there are other, similar threads about this topic, I want to make sure anything NEW is represented as well, since it seems like there are always new products being released in these areas of interest, or old products that are being improved.

So, pretty simple; Where do I want to start looking for a good pull-up?

I am still very early in my adventures into the world of adult diapers, having only tried one brand/variety so far (with a second on the way as I type this!), but today I thought about the idea of a pull-up...

What I am looking for is perhaps something that is quick and easy to get on and off, that has decent absorbency and isn't TOO expensive. I think I may like to use a pull-up product for supplementing regular diaper use when I need to go out in public.

That is assuming I am not incorrect about the idea of pull-ups being more discreet than regular adult diapers. If I am totally wrong about that, please tell me!

I am just thinking, long-term, whether or not I am going to want to deal with trying to be super discreet about regular adult diapers when I am out of the house. Not that I get out very much, but there are always going to be some times when I have to be out in public for a length of time.

Am I making any sense? I hope I am, because sometimes I have trouble describing my thoughts in words that others can understand.

Anyways, any tips or advice about what pull-up products are good, and not so good, would be greatly appreciated!


Abena pull ups are great. Hold a lot. Not as good as diapers though. You said not too expensive. That's relative to the buyer. I don't think they are too expensive since they hold a lot but others may not think so. Check XP Medical for price
You could look at the Tena flex range, very easy to put on and do hold a lot.
Tena for men are great
Always Discreet Underwear works fairly well and is commercially available.
Drynites are great :) depending on what size you are, I weigh about 50kg and size 8-15 are too big but size 4-7 fit much better, plus they have cute designs :)
I've had good luck with GoodNites. They hold a decent amount, and there's normally 's coupon, and sale, or both.
I like the depends for men... Not the tru fit ones just their regular ones... Those are my "well it's close to a diaper" compromise diaper when my inner little wants to wear
Thanks for the advice, everyone! I'll have to check some of these out for sure.
I wouldn't say pull ups are exactly an easier alternative. You have to take off everything just to change. Adult pull ups aren't exactly a favorite around here for many reasons. They are ugly, the fit is terrible, minimal capacity, and some are not very comfortable.

There's a difference between what adult pull ups and toddler pull ups are exactly for. For kids, it's to introduce the idea of regular underwear. They can pull it up and down to go and is their when accidents occur and are traditionally training pants. For adults, it's their to protect against light/moderate leaks from stress, OAB incontinence and provide better coverage vs pads.

Therefore you won't find adult pull ups that have the capacity, leak protection, as true diapers would. If you flood them beyond the capabilities, you'll embarrass yourself with leaks in public. These things have pretty pathetic leak guards. The crotch is very narrow and do a bad job of supporting your goods..

The Tena underwear for men are terrible. They have a more narrow crotch than baby diapers or Goodnites. They are did all over and ate uncomfortable and itchy. The padding goes to the middle of the crotch and stops in the middle of the crotch. The ready I'd paper thin padding that is pretty useless. I swear these things are shaped like a jock strap mixed with a thong. I have quite a small package and they don't cup them and there's nothing to hold in liquid if it pills up at all. Stay away from those.

I would suggest to get a cloth backed diaper for going out if you plan to actually use them. Especially if you can't fit in to Goodnites. Premium adult pull ups are ok, but I just can't get over the Granny Panty look.
LittleBelle said:
Drynites are great :) depending on what size you are, I weigh about 50kg and size 8-15 are too big but size 4-7 fit much better, plus they have cute designs :)

I love the cute designs the 4-7 drynites have <3
not sure where you are or if you can get them but Boots do a pretty good plain, unisex, own brand pull up. i use them occasionally.
Goodnites are super fun if they fit you. If not, then I would recommend Always Discreet.
Check out the Tranquility Pull Ups. They are the best I have tried.
AAO said:
Check out the Tranquility Pull Ups. They are the best I have tried.

Same here. The overnight ones are so comfy that I want to relax in them.
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