Paci Modding Help?

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The nuk 5 I got from pacifiersrus about a year ago, used to have a rocket ship on it, but the image smudged soon after I got it.(I think it had to do with the adhesive they used or something)

anyway, I ended up smudging the rest of the image off, and just used it like that until now.


I'm wanting to change the shield, but I still need to glue the new shield back together; but I'm afraid I might use a glue that damages the image....
Interesting! I've thought about doing that to my old ones. How did you get the pieces apart? Some sort of plastic epoxy should work... I would think... Never tried it before :p
with the way the new shield is, it was pretty easy to just pry it open. The old one was a bit trickier. I had to rip out the loop to make an opening, and pry the shield apart with a screwdriver.

Actually you can just swap them in and out with mams.

...I didn't find any mams at my local walmart that I liked, but when I saw this nuk shield I had to have it.
I considered it, but I figured that they'd charge me for it.
The video SleepyTyrant posted is excellent! Swapped my Awwsocute nipple onto a Mam guard -- works like a dream!
Be careful with the glues you might use as some plastic epoxy types are toxic. As well, the chemical in some glues (acids) can easily eat away at the latex rubber or silicon. I would suggest us trying something like clear GE silicon on the outside aspect only.
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