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    I really like them. I don't think the shield is as cute as the regular Mam's, and it does not curve to fit the mouth as much, but other than that I much prefer it. At first it was a bit strange because the neck of the nipple is really thin, but the actual 'bulb' type part is roughly the same size as a regular MAM. Now I find them far more comfortable, and that they stay in my mouth far better. I now sleep with my MAM perfect every night and don't really use my other ones. The only downside is one is about the same price as 2 regular Mams, and they don't seem to sell them in the UK. I bought mine from a US seller on ebay, and so including the cost of shipping they are really expensive for me! I only have one, but I feel i really need to at least have one other if I want it as my main pacifier. But generally i would really recommend them, they are definitely a bit weird at first, but stick with it for a couple of days and they are really good. :)
    Awww, those are completely adorable! They are indeed perfect for me - pink and with cute kitties on!!

    I have been looking to order another Mam perfect, and the site sells them as well so perhaps I will have to get myself some kitty pacifiers at the same time! Only downside is that they are the size 2+ months, so may be a bit small for me. But they would still look cute in my collection... Thank you for the lovely link! :D
    Hellowwww new friend! :D thanks for the picture comments, I commented back ;3
    yes i am i go to college over in bama what about you?
    hey! I just added you. :smile1: How is it going? I like your avatar...that's a pretty neat photo, especially the lighting. Incidently, I just bought a MAM pacifier like that one.
    yup same here. Just finishing up school looking forward to the break. I have 3 weeks off =)
    Thanks!! I'm good, just hanging out, living lol u?
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