Omg, i fit in Pampers Baby dry 6 (with a Little Mod, hehe)

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Its true i fit in Pampers 6. what i did was take the cloth bit Off the top carefully, then fold it Until you get the Tapes Facing out, Cut the Strip in half and staple it Backwards so you dont get Spiked with the staples. Staple it to the back of the Diaper but staple it Right to the Edge and there you have it, modified Baby Diaper. It Must work because i have a 30 inch waist and it still worked. It Can take Some Time to get it Perfect. Without this mod its impossible to wear one. I am not Taking any Credit for this Since the Original is the articles section and then in Either the products section but you should be able to find it. Good luck!

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Its called how to make Diaper extenders
I'll stick to properly fitting stuff like dry 24/7 and LittlePawz myself.
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