New BKN Pics

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  1. Diaper Lover
These look awesome!!!
Do they ship overseas? I would so be willing to stomach international shipping costs for a pack of those.
Now that must be the largest and widest single tapes I ever seen :)
Always good to see new entrants into the market for ABDL diapers. It's taken a few years, but we're finally seeing a truly wide selection emerge.

That said, beyond a few pics on the site, it's a bit hard to gauge whether these are ready and shipping, or if they're still vaporware at the moment. The website is very basic, they are only selling it in mediums, they are asking for a limit of 3 packs per order, and they are listed as being "Expected in our warehouse in the next month". I've not seen widespread references to these diapers or pictures of them across community sites yet. The claim of 3500 mL capacity is likely a gross exaggeration.

It looks like they ship to the UK, France, Germany, and the US. US shipping is 33 GBP per pack, which is to say, more than double the price of the diapers themselves - that's a total of ~5 GBP/diaper (~7.50 USD/diaper)! So, yes, they ship to the US, but unless money is no object to you, you may as well treat these as a Europe-only product.
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