My Little Pony Sippy Cup

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There is a MLP sippy cup out in Canada at least.

Saw it in a major retailer in a physical store but it is also online.

Though not my thing, there seems to be an interest here.

Made by Playtex.
Something that I would not mind getting
So much want!
I would take the Rainbow Dash one.
The Rainbow Dash one looks awesome.
I await the day for an Apple Bloom sippy~ <3
I await the day I can order stuff like that without paying 30 bucks postage up front :frown:
I admit this would be an awesome addition to my collection :)

I actually have one! I really recommend buying it for those who are on the fence about it. Even though I've only owned mine for about a month or two, it hasn't ever leaked on me, and it's super cute! I'm really careful about washing it though, it seems the paint could be scratched off if not taken care of.

edit: I bought mine from Walgreens, and I'm in the US.
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Those look sweet. I can't decide which one, Pinkie Pie or Dashie?
So cute! I totally want the Fluttershy one ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
I want a Twilight Sparkle one. WHERE IS THE TWILIGHT SPARKLE ONE :pcwhack:
Got my MLP sippy cup collection on ebay. Found all three versions, more of them showing up online daily.
Too be honest I'd go straight for the Thomas the Train one, but the MLP one does look equally cute.

I actually now have all three, thanks to Daddy. He loves to spoil me. (/ω\)

I love these sippies! They're super cute, easy to close, and I haven't had any leaks.
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