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Hi, my name is _________. Like many of you, I am a paranoid diaper lover. Been enchanted with the thought of diapers since I can remember, no real incident caused it that I can think of. I recently was able to indulge in my little secret. Came upon some Medline Fit Rights. Anybody used those before They seem great to me, but I really would like to try some of the premium brands. Alas, I'm not really financially independent right now, so I'd feel guilty buying online. Anyway, I LOVE diapers and I always want to have one available.
Non diaper stuff: I'm a medical student who is an avid fan of basketball. I'm also quite religious. Nice to meet you.
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Heyyyy, Whats up Doc?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

I just typed an elaborate; six paragraph welcome post to you, kinda. This has been the first post to a new ADISC intro thread that the Diapered Rabbit can remember writing in over two years.

After I submit this short WELCOME to ADISC!!! Banner... I will endeavor to recall what I wrote exactly. (Because I am self-diagnosed as OCD) and will type it in WORD and copy it in edit mode. I usually do this first for every post that I write, as I am atypically severely tech disabled and an avid two finger hunt and pecker to boot.

To begin: a most heart-felt welcome to you kinda, one of the newest members of AD/HDISC, oops,,,, ADISC!

Wow, I love your intro kinda, It was enlightning, albeit brief.

I CERTIFY THAT AM NOT A NEWBIE TO DIAPER WEARING/LOVING. Like you, I have limited means for acquision of diapers and diaper related acotrami. but over the years I have become quite resourceful. i consider myself to be one of the first, self-identified true Adult Diaper Preppers; an adult diaper survivalist, as you will. I can McDiaper with minimal resourses, often limited to my cunning and sheer diaper intellect, inventiveness and imagination. I AM NOT RUNNING AROUND IN JUST A BIRTHDAY SUIT and even if I was I am waddling around in such deep cover that I will always be miles from any pesty troll's spy drone or smart phone.

I am alarmed by the number of ADISC members that are, at present, unreported carriers of a serious condition known as DBS. The WWHO and the CDC (reported to be well above the stastical mean in the United States) of the here-to-for untreatable condition of DBS. I believe that both the CDC and the WHO have recently reported that DBS is now reaching near pandemic proportions here at ADISC. Untold numbers of ADISC members here are experiencing its numerous, and in all but a few rare borderline Pre-DBS cases, severely debilitating symptoms
Let me share a few personal perceptions, observations or bias/biasses I have about this community that I have been an intregal part of for over seven years. smallit seems to me that there is a tyoe of envy or as I see it, almost an arrogance within some of the ranks of ADISCLet me share a small seems to be a

Like you, I also have carried this little secret, albeit for a significantly longer time. I have found that for myself, that my love for wearing diapers has never diminished over the years. I guess this was not just a phase that I was going through.

I have learned a great about myself over all these years. After many successive decades, I have come to terms with my heart's desire in this. I have found a place free from guilt or shame regarding my unabridged diaper lifestyle. I have the deepest gratitude and love for my wife of many years and owe much of my sense of wholeness and wellness her total and complete lifetime acceptance. I share little regarding my doe rabbit, my loving wife; let me assure you that the mysteries of bunny love has been a most unique experience; an utterly blissful journey.

Just a little pet peeve of mine: I distain the use of Icons used on the internet (especially the plethora of smiley face Icons that some of our ADISC members seem to insist upon using like so much mindless confetti, I guess they do it because it is the most sophisticated type of artificial intelligence they know How to use.

Oh, by the way, did you see the three words ant my added/edited post. I copy and pasted that from my search/toolbar thing on my antiquated iBook G4? Well, after searching to see if I had, possibly, spelled "Carpal" correctly. My first Welcoming Post that I drafted, I explained that I had intentionally written a huge run-on sentence (this is the way I normally communicate with other live humans in face-to-face conversations. Typically, I usually allow the other conversation participant to begin to make some kind of point *usually while I am taking in a long needed breath (compare it to a conversation/monolog kind of thing that the character Gary King of the movie world style.

....Sorry kinda, had to edit again. I'm 61 and haven't slept in over 24 hours due to the severe pain and near total numbness in my thumb and first three fingers of both of my hands. This is due to a fully diagnosed, monitored but un-treated, case of acute carpal tunnel syndrome.

My (Christian) Family Physician does a tremendous job monitoring both my ongoing preventative care and current health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity (my personal lifetime battle) in a minimum of 4 yearly office visits. On that note, I have lost a total of 47 pounds since 2013, but my BMI is still far above the safe range. Our family has a multi-generational familial health history of morbid obesity. I am totally responsible for my current negative health issues and chronic disease. I am understand and am undeniably convinced that I have exacerbated my disease cycle due mostly to my stubborn adherence to a sedentary lifestyle and average American diet. There are heredity/genetics issues to be sure, being severely over-weight (as in my case) is almost always a self-induced health risk: this choice is one I no longer embrace. I now believe I am ready to divorce myself from.

Wow, I didn't expect to go all mental by making such bold assertions in my "replacement" post. Kinda, I do believe that you are destined to be both a compassionant doctor/healer as well as a highly competant one. I hope that you recognize what your unconscience bedside manner has done for me in jusy these couple of hours. The time spent exploring/creating the content of what I ultimately wrote, I see in hind-sight, has been a fairly narcisitic reponse to your initial post.
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Nice to meet you kinda.
Welcome to ADISC.
Here comes peter cotton tail, hopping down tthe bunny trail

Hop Hop Hop Hop

glad you're here, kinda

good luck


thanks for all the fish
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