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If you go into a mobility shop to buy diapers will they ask questions
they may ask about what size and level of absorbency is needed for who ever the diapers are being bought for.
but they won't judge you
They definitely will not judge at all. They will wish to ask pertinent questions so they will be able to help and guide you better. People in that business are they to help you, not to judge or think otherwise of yourself.
you'll get differing levels of nosiness; most of the servers don't have a clue what they're selling and merely recite the packaging or info-sheet blurb.
the trickiest part is when they ask you to fill out the VAT-exemption form, detailing whom the items are for and the nature of the medical condition, which you aren't legally obliged to give nor are they obliged to collect such information for 'off the shelf' products.
it's up to you if you want to argue the toss with them or just return the favour with fibs; it's an idea to pay with cash.
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Ok. I see these kind of questions on this forum all the time. I'll answer as best I can. See, my brother is the manager at a "Medical Supply Store". They sell adult diapers. Yes, you read that right, and they even will deliver them for you if you live in the same city. His job is to make his company a profit. He doesn't give a "rats a**" why you want a case of Molicare adult diapers, he just needs to know the company is gonna make money on it. Trust me, they DON'T CARE!!! Be yourself, go in there and buy what you want just like it was 7-11...
Been to medical supply stores. They don't care as long as they make a buck.

if the one you're going to is asking questions....take your money elsewhere.
for the last two posters, the story in the UK is different from that of America. incontinence goods aren't as readily available as in America and the manufacturers of such items tend to have monopolies in defined areas due to the NHS being the major supplier of goods to users; consumer driven competition is virtually non-existant.
the end result is a different culture to that in America.
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