Milestone for Me!

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As of noon today, I decided to go 24 hours without using a toilet! This will be first time ever! An hour and a half in and I am a little wet but not ready to change yet. I am excitedly nervous! I feel very babyish!

I'll let you know tomorrow how I did
Right on dude, it's gets easier and easier after the 1st 24. After a while you may decide to get more comfortable clothing so public encounters are easier, I use to be so paranoid about going outside of the house, having to bend over to pick something up and having someone see my diaper through my shirt or the classic butt bulge (which honestly with normal diapers the bulge is only amplified to us because we are looking for it) I got onesies which gave me the security I wanted / needed, now I don't even think twice about going out of the house diapered, I actually perfer to go wearing, it's more comfortable to me. Good luck and keep us posted.
I put a plastic sheet on the bed for tonight! So far 2 wet diapers. It's getting more relaxing. Still afraid of number 2 even though I sometimes do it. There's just something about my toilet being duct taped shut!
good luck
I must say I have really been enjoying wetting this weekend. I just changed again out of my morning diaper. It was very wet! I laid in bed this morning and filled it! I have noticed, that once the flow starts, it pretty much happens natural. I prefer a slow trickle than a flooding. As of 1PM today, it will be 24 hours since I stopped using the toilet. In a weird soft of way, I hope I have to mess before I go back to normal day.
I just went 24 hours diapered as well! This has been the longest I've been diapered since I was a baby!! It feels great. My family is out of town, so I've been able to wear and use freely! I've refused to use the toilet all week too. Wetting hasn't been bad, only messed once so far. Definitely a different feeling to wear and use freely! Love it!
I wet all the time in my diaper (OAB) but have accidentally messed a few times it's a strange feeling to be walking a long and you just start to mess. The first few times it happens it really freaked me out but now if it happens I just go clean up. Fortunately it's only happened while at home.

I have come to the point I can be walking and talking to some one and will pee and won't react but I really do not want to randomly start to mess.
Hang in there & stick with it-especially if you're going to continue on a few more days and do not have to be accountable to anybody. As a 24/7 wearer, you may discover that the duct tape can stay permanently over your toilet seat.
I have also used this baby proof thing for the toilet lid, it kind of clamps. They sell it on Amazon, then you duct tape that, less issues with it being duct taped.
lel ez
I used my diaper during 3 days long once :eek: not even a diaper rash after few poops and many pee! :eek:
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