Medications Causing Frequent Urination

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I am debating on wearing diapers to help manage my frequent urges to urinate. I am on a high dose Diuretic for other medical conditions. This is not something I can stop taking and there aren't any alternatives for me. I talked to my doctor and he said "I am certain it is your medication that is causing it". He told me that I should look into managing it, but he didn't recommend any medications.

I wake up 9 out of 10 nights to pee and it really isn't all that much. Then thought the day I pee about 10 times. It is really irritating especially when doing cross state drives. Having to stop constantly makes traveling more cumbersome.

I have tried Abena Abiform X-Plus in the past. I found it easy to get used to, however it was quite expensive. Also, wearing in public is not something I feel comfortable doing.

Any tips or ideas that could help?
You might try something that's a little more discreet like a pullup. I use Always Discreet in the afternoons which I find do well
for m.e. In the mornings I wear the A+ level 4's which are alot thicker. Check the XP medical web site and order some samples
and try out what might work for you.
Thank You for the advice, I guess my question is... Should I seriously consider Diapers? Or is there another option? I am tired of waking up to pee every night and also hate having to stop what I am doing constantly.

For sleep, I think I would just wear diapers. I think it would be your easiest option. I wear almost every night and I don't have any problems. I wear cloth and plastic pants which are less likely to leak than disposables, if that helps.
Last time I was sick I had to drink a lot of water, and getting up to use the bathroom every ten minutes was really annoying me, so I just slapped a Bellissimo on myself.
So I should wear diapers? I guess I feel odd about it.
There are condom catheters I suppose. Google it, lots of options.
But I am a Girl, aren't condoms for guys?
iam32bit said:
But I am a Girl, aren't condoms for guys?
LOL Yep they are only for guys.

I think what your going to have to do is look at your condition. For night time use Start off small maybe the pull ups. Some people use Pull ups and Plastic pants for bed. I don't think it would work great for men. But for woman it might work out well. Then try different absorbance until you find the right product for you. If none of them work well. Then switch to Diapers depending on if you like cloth/Plastic washable or Cloth Disposable or Plastic back Disposables then adjust the product.

Day time use do the same.
I had to see the Doctor recently to review my diabetic meds. She wants me to try this new drug to lower my sugar levels and also lower my blood pressure. She went on to say it has very little side effects though some people reported some slight incontinence when using this. Then looking at the screen she says but this won't be an issue for you. I guess she was looking at my notes which state I am both IC and enuretic and dependant on nappies which I get a supply from the NHS.
I do wonder if this medication will make my incontinence worse or more frequent. The drug name is empagliflozin
Ok, I tried a pull up last night, but I was too afraid to use it. I ended up going to the bathroom. However, when I was awake and doing some productive work, I was able to use it no problem. It was so much more convenient than getting up every 10 to 30 minutes to pee.

I was thinking I would use a Pull-up during the day and use the bathroom when I can and use the pull-up when I can't. Use a plastic backed disposable diaper for sleeping (I have tried cloth backed and they leak). I feel really odd about using a Diaper. I know period pads are socially acceptable, but a diaper... not so much. I need to get my mind at ease as I have a medical need for some solution. I am on 9 different medications, for Asthma, Food Allergies and PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome). The more medications I was prescribed, the more frequent I had to pee.

Does medication cause urinary incontinence?
Pull ups are generally not a great idea to use for urges. The convenience of not having to stop you will have to let it go slowly since pull ups are generally designed to catch small to moderate leaks over a period of time, they aren't designed for floods.

Pullups aren't good for overnight either unless you release slowly which defeats the purpose of trying to go right back to sleep. Overnight pull ups are made for the same exact reason except it helps protect for longer periods of time.

Depending on the size of your voids, you'd need to find something that can handle the volume of your voids. Tape on diapers are designed to hold up vs floods. Some have higher capacity than others for higher output.

To be comfortable/confident at night enough to release, you'd have to trust the protection that you're wearing and know that it can handle it.

As far as cross country driving, I have plenty experience in that department as I drive 18 wheelers. Once again, If it's convenience you're wanting, tape on diapers are the right choice because of the same reasons as stated as above, also sitting is probably one the most vulnerable positions for diapers to leak in general. The female anatomy makes it even worse since the position of it is directly under your seat. Most pull ups have narrow crotches and don't provide enough coverage area for larger output of urine.

I've learned that if you release in smaller amounts in a controlled way, it will help to prevent leaks furthermore. Give time for the garment to lock in liquid and do its job.
I just did some research, 3 of the 9 medications I am on are known to cause Urinary Incontinence. 2 of them are completely unavoidable as they are needed for PCOS and there are no alternatives.

Ugh... why do I feel terrible about using Diapers? Like I honestly just want to stop all of medications and live a normal life. I hate having these lifelong medical conditions.
You have to weigh your personal comfort level with the physical one. Having to run to the restroom several times a day is annoying. Having to weak up, get up out of bed, and go is more than annoying. It can be unhealthy due to the lack of sleep. Wearing and using diapers will feel odd for a while, but if you will need the medication long term, you can and will get used to it. As for the worry that people will notice, there have been multiple threads here and other places that disprove that. And even if anyone does find out, the chances of anything being said are nearly none.
BabyCorry said:
You have to weigh your personal comfort level with the physical one. Having to run to the restroom several times a day is annoying. Having to weak up, get up out of bed, and go is more than annoying. It can be unhealthy due to the lack of sleep. Wearing and using diapers will feel odd for a while, but if you will need the medication long term, you can and will get used to it. As for the worry that people will notice, there have been multiple threads here and other places that disprove that. And even if anyone does find out, the chances of anything being said are nearly none.

These 3 Medications are life long, I kinda have to take them or I could die. At least that is what my doctor said. I was never "officially" diagnosed with Urinary Incontinence, however my doctor basically said "It is definitely your medication".

So far today I have been using a Abena Abri-Form X-Plus and not having to run to the bathroom is really nice. I would have had to run to the bathroom about 8 times if I wasn't using it. Some days are worse than others, for the most part I have been doing my absolute best managing it. Trying to hold it in hurts like hell. I have already been tested for a UTI and it was negative. I could go to a urologist and see what they think but everything points to my medications. I am essentially taking a Incontinence Cocktail and I hate it.

I have noticed it has been getting worse as new medications were added. But so far, I am relaxed and less stressed out today due to being able to focus on something without having to get up all the time.
I going to warn you iam32bit. Doctors are very stupid about medication. Go to the pharmacy have all of your medication cross check with each other Or at least go on and do the research your self. They could enhanced or weaken the effect your other medications. My sister has a stupid doctor and I hate to say it. She scared or unwilling to say anything to her doctor and gotten sick a few times due to mix medications reactions.
I did already, my pharmacy agreed that the medications I am on will cause OAB / Urinary Incontinence. I checked and 3 of my medications are listed as causing. One of the drugs I am on is Spironolactione. It is a potassium-spearing diuretic. Due to the high dose of it, I have to pee so damn much.
Sorry you have to deal with these issues, perhaps you can talk with the doctor about having insurance covering some of the costs.

If you don't want to become dependent on protection, you'd have to deal with the urges. After awhile of wearing, it may become easier to void without the urges coming on so strongly.

Don't be afraid to get a second opinion or perhaps alternative drugs. If this isn't possible and indeed is something permanent, vital to keep you healthy and alive, what would you rather deal with? The numerous urges, or, dying?

There's alternatives to protection (diapers, pads, pull UPS), but the alternatives themselves are catheters or other collection devices, more drugs that will have even more side effects.

If you ultimately choose to wear diapers, you have to try to accept and learn how to coexist with the condition and make whatever you can out of life. Don't let it drag you down. Don't let it take over your life or alter your life. Just because you need to wear protection doesn't make you any less of a person. Only you can allow that to happen, and I hope you can stay strong and continue in life with this condition, everything will be ok, don't look down, keep your head up and looking forward. Even if diapers will be apart of everything, it's just a different underwear.

There's clothing that helps to conceal your diapers. Don't worry about other people, 99% of them will be oblivious to the fact and won't be looking for a diaper, just learn that most people don't worry about other's butts. They have anything else better to do.

Do what you think that will make your daily life easier, less stressful, and happier.
Since things have been worse than normal (Normal still being more than normal) I went to a doctor who diagnosed me with a UTI. At this point I was having leaks and pain. They gave me this stuff that turns the urine orange (Ewww... Gross). I was also told to wear protection for the next few days and it should clear up. If it doesn't I have to go to a Urologist.

Having a Dr. tell me to wear protection kinda makes it easier. Even my Pharmacist told me not to worry and just wear the protection. I bought some Always Discreet Underwear, it works but I don't have faith in it's ability to protect me when sleeping. It beats destroying my $3,000 bed. I ordered some Abena X-Pluses for sleep and will just use the Always during the day. Ugh... Incontinence SUCKS... Thankfully it seems to be temporary and just a result of a severe UTI. It still doesn't change the fact that on average I use the bathroom over 10 times a day. Past two days was over 20 with pain.
Hi, I back in March I was taking diomox for controlling my eye pressure after the second eye surgery I had for fixing retinal detachment. Needless to say my vision is far worse then it was previously and as if that's not bad enuff, taking this diomox stuff which I later found out was a diuretic , made me feel like I had to pee constantly. , not a great combo. I came off the diomox right before my 3 month stint in vision rehab but between my occasional bedwetting problems and the somewhat lingering effects of this med with thinking I needed to pee all the time, I had a note from my doctor saying that I neededto wear protection all the time. Which was very helpful. I pee as lot anyways because I'm always drinking something, and it's not always easy to get to a bathroom if u can't see that well , especially in a new city. The constant urge went away the first week I was there but I found that I still needed diapers for at night and as I would find out very quickly , when I was out during orientation and mobility classes. Most of those lessons I was out for an two hours and sometimes in places where there wasn't a bathroom, and even when there was , like in downtown areas , they mostly weren't open to the public unless u were a customer , so diapers became more of a necessity on a daily basis then I thought. I now consider myself functionally incontinent, and I find with that. I hate being Ina situation where I'm not diapered and I gotta pee bad and have no other options or backup plan but to find a bathroom or no time to find one. I'd rather be on the safe side and be diapered every time I go out. It's one less thing I have to worry about when I'm out and about. This diomox stuff affected my bladder for sure because before I left they found a tiny amount a blood in my pee and want me to have a cat scan and some other procedure where they stick a fiber optic camer up my penis and into the bladder, and holy shit does that not feel good , only to find NOTHING, haha well no shit , that's what happens when this stuff gets schedules 3 months after the initial problem is found, because I knew all along it was just a side effect of the diomox I had taken . Well that day wasn't find and I went thru 4 diapers that day at the hospital, and side note, cat scans can effect your balance, initially it was pretty bad and needed a wheel chair for around the hopsital that day but , my balance has gotten a bit better since, but still if I turn my head too fast I can still be a bit wobbly for a minute or so. Well that's it.
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