Mature Topics Preference


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On ADISC, the Mature Topics forum is used for topics that require an exceptionally high level of maturity to discuss, such as politics and religion.

Over the years, we've had to intervene a lot to keep these discussions civil, warning members who resort to personal attacks, making unfounded/unfair generalizations about their political opponents, and otherwise bringing down the tone of the debates and discussions that forum was meant for.
We're still going to moderate the MT forum, and lately I've been pretty strict, handing out a lot of warnings to people who I felt were being uncivil.

Now, though, I've also decided that perhaps we should let people opt out of seeing the MT forum at all, if they want to.
I think there may be people who come here purely for the support community aspect, and don't want to engage in these types of serious discussions.

So, everyone, please go to your account preferences, and set the "See Mature Topics" setting to "Yes" or "No".
If you set it to "Yes", you will continue to see the MT forum as you do now. Nothing changes for you.
If you set it to "No", you will stop seeing the MT forum once I fully enact these changes (within 1-30 days). It won't show up in new posts, etc.
You need to choose one or the other.
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