[ Locked ] Weasyl Account Verification.

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If somebody on here has a Weasyl account can you do me a favor? I don't know anybody who has one. So if you could just vouch my account that would be greatly appreciated.

It should work for you now!
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Ok, thanks! I really appreciate it!
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I'm also in need of my weasyl account getting verified if anyone could also do me a favor, im moving from Fur affinity cause i just dont like what they are doing, how things are ran ect, my weasyl is https://www.weasyl.com/~kurothefluff

I don't know anyone on the site, and ive been waiting for well over a week to get verified by staff via email and nothing.
Hey there, @KuroTheFluff. I've not investigated Weasyl myself, but if they're going to turn the rest of the internet into a marketplace for account verifications, I'm not sure I like their leadership any more than FA's. They might as well have new members take a calculus quiz and force them to go to WolframAlpha.com to look up answers. It's just a dumb barrier.

Anyway... Please don't use ADISC for this.
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Unfortunately ADISC is not a place to request 'verification' or 'voucher' for other websites and/or services.
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