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Greetings to everyone

I signed up here a long time ago, and forgot all about it...and I have ultimately become a "Lurker". lol, that is funny. I am writing to reclaim my member status on the forums. Let me catch everyone up one what is going on with me.

I am a Diaper Lover for sure. I'm not really into the Adult Baby part of the scene, even though I greatly enjoy wearing a diaper. No bottle or anything like that. Hell, no one to even participate with me. My wife is completely aware of my situation, but does not want anything to do with it. She recognizes that I apparently need diapers for my emotional well being, but does not understand why I take comfort to diapers, honestly, neither do I. But that is another story.
Hello welostme and welcome to the group.

welcome hun ..hugs xxx
Hi and welcome. Yeah, do any of us really understand why we want to wear diapers, or even feel compelled to wear. Fortunately, it's harmless and shouldn't really create problems. It simply is what it is.
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
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