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I've been a diaper lover for a very long time, since my early teens, I tried to fashion my own because I didn't have the money to buy, which I'm sure that I'm not alone in this. I could only indulge my wearing every so often most of my life, by putting it on the back burner.
So when My wife passed over 11 years ago, I kind of started to get a renewed interest in diapers once again. I was an occasional wearer,1 or 2 times a week satisfied very well at the time. Spring ahead two years to 2006. I was diagnosed with Prostrate cancer in December of 2006 and had the Prostrate removed in late February 2007. I was peeing quite a bit after the surgery and the Doctor suggested that I consider wearing diapers 24/7 for 3-4 months. After about 3 months, things seems to have simmered down and I went back to my occasional wearing All was hunky dory until this past February, I had to go the ER. It turned out that I had a 9mm Kidney stone that wouldn't pass. They decided to keep me overnight and the next morning, the placed a stent in from my kidney to bladder. Several hours later I went home. I had used the bathroom just before heading out. By the time I arrived home and walked to my front door, I had not even made it to my front door, I had peed myself and all over the front porch.
That started another chain of events for me. I couldn't be much more than 10 feet from the bathroom I would have a mess to clean up. I mentioned this to the Doctor and he said that it wasn't all that uncommon and he suggested that I just wear diapers 24/7 until they could get the stone smashed up. All in all, I knew that I could handle that.
It took almost a month for them to find space to destroy the stone, I wore a diaper to the procedure and only removed it when we had to go into the procedure room. To shorten this up a bit, I will cut to the chase.
As it turns out the 10 foot has gone by the wayside. Now if I'm going out, I have to be diapered if I'm going to be more than an hour and a half. When I'm lounging around watching TV, I don't have to go until I stand up and then watch out, most of the time, I don't make it to the bathroom, I was hoping that this would have cleared up by now. As it is now I seem to be stuck on the 24/7 merry go round I feel sometimes that I should be able to control my self better. If I have to, I will wear 24/7 but I'm not real keen on that.
Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.

I guessing that you've kept your doctor informed about all of this? If there's little the medical profession can do, then I think that wearing diapers is your only fall back until things change. It could be worse. After back surgery, I couldn't pee and had to catheterize myself for six weeks until things started working again.
Yes both my urologist and family Doctors have been informed and stated the same thing, wear 24/7 until things change.
Hi again my fellow DL's I have an update to my original post of three weeks ago, my situation has improved since my original post. I don't have to wear at home nearly as much and for me that is big. I do wear at night as I still don't myself to not flood myself and when I'm out more than an 1 1/2 hours though. Things are beginning to look up for me as I don't think I'll have to wear 24/7, which I didn't want to do.
Glad to hear you don't need to be diapered at home hope things keep improving so you can loose diapers completely.
Thanks for the encouraging help, my situation is becoming less and less each day. Now I have to have padding only when I'm out more than 1 1/2 hours or longer, however I have been able to cut down my night time wearing
Maxx said:
Much as we love diapers, having the choice is always better.

Though I count myself as "diapered 24/7", there are occasions from time to time that I choose not to be diapered. Maybe it's an afternoon I'm going to be away from home working outside, or out walking for a long time in the heat. I used to be a more "die-hard" and even in thosse situations I'd still be diapered, but in several cases I ended up suffering for it. It's just not worth it. Having the choice is a good thing, because sometimes NOT wearing really is the better choice, if you are able to choose when not to wear. I wear because I enjoy it, and when I'm not going to be enjoying it, it's time to back off briefly.

So I don't envy the incontinent, I respect their situation and recognize sometimes it causes unavoidable and unpleasant problems. But on the other hand, I'm certian I will be able to handle it better if it ever becomes a reality for me.
Being single, and having my own house, I am usually not diapered in my own home, at least in the evenings, mostly to air out, I will note however that i'm about 5 steps from the bathroom and can usually make it.
I'm glad things are improving. Losing that choice of wearing would be a definite change to my outlook. I hope you continue to get better!
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