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I'm new

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Hai I'm Flutters, you can probably guess that I'm a Brony! I'm also a DL(diaper lover). I love to play video games and I do YouTube and stuff, thou I probably won't say what my Chanel is because this DL side of me, I'm kinda vigilant in keeping that away from others. I'm a proud nerd, lol even as I write this I'm watching LOTRs! ^^

I'm always open to friend requests or just talking to those that need it, regardless of subject. I like to RP thou never have done that on a fourm.
Beautiful! An "official" Welcome! There are many, many fellow Bronies here to play with and a few RP threads to join.
Hey welcome! I'm relatively new here as well. Everyone seems awesome here so I'm sure you will enjoy being part of it.

Flutters said:
I'm a proud nerd, lol even as I write this I'm watching LOTRs! ^^

Extended edition marathon I hope. All 11 hours 20 of it :2thumbsup:
Hey, welcome :)! I just came back here after a year of being too busy to write in forums! This is a nice place and you'll notice, we have a lot of bronys.
I'm just a fur, tho. Not a brony but ponies are rad yeah~
Welcome to ADISC, Flutters, and I mean that very sincerely! We are primarily a support group, and try to remain very positive in our support, although
some may wonder if we are that positive, but we try, as most if not all of us have been positively helped by someone else here. Don't give up on us, because
we won't give up on you, as long as you ask for that help. Please read as many of the threads as you can, and I believe you will see that.
Again, welcome, and please don't be afraid to post on whatever thread(s) interest you, and especially, ASK QUESTIONS if you need or want help.
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