1. NihilisticPuppet


    I’m a 21 year old AFAB woman with ASD. I’m a furry already. I have become fascinated with diapers and have come to realize I am a DL so I have decided to join this forum. I haven’t bought any diapers yet because my family does not know about my interest and they would find out if I did. However...
  2. SkirtedSerenity

    Intro :3

    Hiya! I started dating the most wonderful Daddy a few months ago. I knew I was slightly into d.d.. lg, but didn't know anything about abdl. I very quickly became obsessed with everything about it! I'm now his little diaper girl 🥰 When I'm big, I like playing chess 🙂
  3. HimeBun

    Hi :3

    Just signed up, I’m a little, my names Cara, I’m excited to be able to delve more into the community, I’m 19 and my little age is about 1-3, I’m trans, and I found out about little space and the Abdl community and such when I was recommended age regression from a therapist, I’ve dealt with ptsd...
  4. boyblue22

    new to the community

    hello! I’m new to the web community but have been a long term ABDL with my partner who introduced me to the comfort of some good padding. canadian, male, 27, stocky, living in vancouver canada. I play video games and watch an obsessive amount of movies. I started collecting lego last year...
  5. DanieDL


    Hello im 18yo male (or boy) i was already on a dutch abdl forum but wanted to try an english one aswell. So im not from the usa but i hope thats not a problem I really enjoy diapers i love wearing them in a comforting way but also in a sexual way. I dont like getting little that much i mostly...
  6. spacingout

    Howdy ADISC

    I'm an ageplayer that has started exploring how much i love this kink. I like wetting my diapers and wearing pretty clothes. I like getting tied up in rope. I like being constricted and restricted and made to submit. I'm exploring hypnosis and learning how yo hypno top. I get to practice with my...
  7. iansleeps

    My intro

    Hi, I would like to make some friends and embrace my ABDLness, I’m mid 20s married to a wonderfully supportive man. I frequently move between Germany and America though I think I’m settling in America for the time being. Would love to get to know the community I’m nervous but I’m here that’s a...
  8. littlereynebow

    Hello all!

    Hello everybody! My name is Reyne, I am a 24 year old trans girl from the southern United States. I have been coming to ADISC for years to read about diapers and related subjects. I have known for a long time, since I was a small child really, that I liked to wear diapers. When I was around 13...
  9. AVictoryPointe

    Cosmic Changeling (Also, hello)

    Hey, I’m A Victory Pointe or AVP. I’m a 30-something NB, AB/DL of many years. I’m thawing from a pseudo-purge / hibernation period around AB/DL stuff. I miss interacting with communities and talking with people, feeling a little less isolated and alone. I hit the daily limit for scrolling, so...
  10. justabigbaby

    New here!

    Hello! I’m a new user on this platform :3 I hope i can have fun here with all ya sillies! 🩵 You can call me Star, i have autism, adhd, and anxiety. I am also an incontinent!
  11. AnotherGundalian

    Heya Hey!

    Hi everyone! I'm just AnotherGundalian that's been roaming these forums for quite some time, and I finally decided to get a bit more involved. I've been a DL for a few years now, just wearing on weekends when I actually have a supply. I honestly wish I could get more involved with the irl...
  12. LittleEllsOAB

    Hi, this is me, Ellie!(:

    Just getting myself out there to meet like minded people and gain a sense of community! I’ve always been a DL and somewhat an AB, but i’ve recently developed an OAB and have started having unwarranted accidents, so i’m starting to wear all the time and definitely struggling a bit. I love...
  13. LGFilly

    Am I damaged?

    Hello! I go by Pon or Filly, for the sake of security. I have understood that there is a stigmata against littles or people who are ‘into’ wearing diapers, liking binkies ‘pacifiers’, bottles or the like. Even my husband doesn’t know, and I am terrified of even telling him. I don’t know what I...
  14. Osiris


    Hello, In my early twenties, I've been a DL (off/on) since I was around 7. It's been a quiet part of my life, something I haven't often discussed. Recently, I found this AB/DL/IC community, and I thought it might be a good place where I could read others experiences and thoughts. I'm here to...
  15. CowboyCutie


    I’m a college age guy who recently moved into my own apartment. I’ve finally gotten room to indulge in this a bit more, so I’m diving in head first. I’m interested in medicine and hope to practice soon. My interest in the topic has been lifelong. I read someone here said they were “factory...
  16. ChaosDuck

    Hello There! Longtime Lurker, First-Time Poster

    As the title implies, I've been lurking around here for a while, but finally decided to make an account. Anywho... This is ChaosDuck! (Username based off a silly unofficial name I have given to geese :D ) I'm 19, genderfluid/nonbinary, autistic, and am mostly a DL but I still have a little/AB...
  17. BabyM


    Hi, I'm a disabled trans FtM, Pan guy looking to make friends and help others just starting out while continuing to learn myself. I'm an age regressor with incontinence due to my disability. I struggle with feeling ashamed that I need them 24/7. I'm trying to learn what works for me, what...
  18. Skunky

    Get a whiff of this.

    Hi guys! I'm Skunky, a babyfur/diaperfur. These days. I'm sort of a "displaced" abdl/babyfur. When I was a teenager, I had all kinds of friends who shared this ...hobby.. with me and it was a wonderful feeling, like it was all of us against the world. Nowadays, I literally only am in touch...
  19. D


    Hello, I am a married man that wears diapers and plastic pants to bed every night. I am not a bed wetter but like wearing and I do wet them every night. My wife just puts up with my diaper wearing.
  20. R


    hi folks and friends! my name is ruby!! i'm a 23 year old dl, who wears 24/7 and has for a few years now! i wanted to make an account to talk to more folks in the community, and to get more comfy overall! outside of diapers i reaaallly love music of pretty much all kinds and i love to game...