1. LilChippers

    Hi! I'm Chippers

    Ciao, everybody! I go by Chippers, I'm a 32 yo "little" who is into school (Music and Technology major), music production, stuffies, cartoons, video games, hiking, diapers, sippies, the list goes on and I love chatting about it :) I'm looking to make friends and make connections. Happy fall...
  2. August08


    Hi! I’m August, I’m from California, staying in Ohio for a while. I’m trans FtM and a furry! I’ve been into AB for a few years on and off in private, and been borderline DL for longer. Since I was young, I’ve always had a little headspace id slip into without realizing it (By young i mean old...
  3. L

    About Me

    Hi there. Im lily. I was very happy when I found this. Im a bedwetter and so i came looking for a site to chat about it without being further patronised. My life is very good. I am a student at a very good school and attained good grades. I also get looked after by my younger sister which is...
  4. psychonautalis

    So... I Guess This Would Be My Intro.... *heavy breathing*

    Hello all Greetings from the Netherverse, or the Nexus, or wherever from which you are. I am psychonautalis and I guess i'm just like you, here, gathering inspiration and courage to jump out into the unknown and be myself... and to find others just like me... I hope! :sweatdrop...
  5. SleepyBunny

    Im new here, so, what up.

    Hello! My name is {disclosed} xD . I am sort of new here (i read on this site, but never made an account). This is my fist/only abdl forum I have joined and is also the first forum in general (i think, may not be accurate). So here it goes... I like making things and tinkering with stuff...
  6. Whiskerly

    Hello Again

    I got busy and became a Lurker, so here I am again! You can call me Wisp. I'm an 18-year-old girl in love with video games & the arts. I am a digital artist on FA (, where I post mostly diaper art (anthro & human). I also play guitar, and i WOULD sew if my...
  7. A

    Lurker to poster

    Hi Everyone, An intro to start off the profile. Im from the UK, im in my mid twenties and Im abdl from being about 15. I love seeing new abdl products and still awaiting those perfect diaper and onesie designs. Look forward to chatting with you. S xx
  8. N

    hello, not sure where to start

    Hello, I'm glad I found this site. I've lurked on some of these sites for years, sort of off and on, but thought I'd take the plunge. I wouldn't say diapers are sexual for me, they just make me feel "right", happier, not anxious. Anyway, not sure what that makes me exactly, but nice to meet...
  9. C

    Hello from Dorset. -intro

    Hello I am a fairly new DL who has not yet experienced all types of diapers. I will ask for help from time to time and would love to meet new friends. My name is Casey and I'm a TB/TDL I like diaper girls and mummys if anyone wants to meet up. I could also meet with other boys to discuss stuff...
  10. T

    TinyDr46on returning from lurker status

    Hi there, I have just gotten back into this site after having forgotten about it for awhile. I was going through emails in here and saw a message from moo and was reminded that I had wanted to come back and check it out again. I've gotten into cloth diapers since my last time on here, but...
  11. tanrog


    Hi! My name is tanner, and I am a diaper lover. Ive been a DL since about 10. I love the country living life, and wide open spaces where I can be me! By day I'm a lube tech at a shop, and taking classes to be a full time mechanic. By night, i mow and trim yards while its still daylight to help...
  12. N

    Hello Im Nemy

    :worshippy: So I am new of course. Looking to make friends and talk about Diaper things:sweatdrop: Looking forward to this adventure.:thumbsup:
  13. S


    Hello! I am here to join a community of like minded individuals to embrace a kink that is normally kept secret. I also use fetlife and have a tumblr blog. Excited to learn more!
  14. Hotcocoman07

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot chocolate!

    OH I'VE GOT IT! Yeah so I really like hot coco(and The Polar Express) Hi I'm Hotcocoman07 I'm a gay male and an ABDL with a genetic bedwetting problem(probably what got me into this group). I'm a little nervous when it comes to meeting ABDL+ people, but I joined this site to meet others like me...
  15. BabyPrincessMimi

    Hi There!

    Hello everybody, I just found this site earlier today and I've found it very helpful and informative. I'm very new to dl but its very clear to me now that I should try and join this community I suppose I should say I'm a shy person with many mental disorders. I'm in my last year of school...
  16. J

    Hi and Greetings

    My name is VG and I am new to the forum. I wanted to reach out and let everyone know how awesome it is that there is a safe place where conversations can be had in an audience that appreciates it. thank you for letting me over the transom!
  17. A

    New Member Saying Hello....

    Hi Everyone, I'm just trying an introduce myself. I've had an interest in ABDL since I can remember.. Been trying to hide it my whole life. Only just getting to a point in my life where I feel comfortable talking about and trying to connect with like minded people. I run my own business and...
  18. SeaLionMan1982

    I'm a new poster

    Hi I have IBS-A which means sometimes I have diarrhea sometimes constipation although the thought of wearing diapers as a turn on does appeal to me. I don't currently wear diapers normally but have worn pull ups before. Professionally I work in IT, I don't really want to go into anymore than...
  19. A


    Hi, I am AlienHive and I'm a DL with occasional AB tendencies. As for who I am, I am a varied individual with a wide range of interests. I enjoy working with my hands and can sew, leatherwork, weld, woodwork, and a number of other items that I'm probably forgetting. I am a real lover of...
  20. LilStar

    Finally Not Procrastinating

    Hello everyone! Due to me being lazy/busy and not having time to post, here I am finally writing an intro. I'm a 20 year old transgirl, psychology major, little/ab, gamer, blogger and major procrastinator. Due to everything I do, its not exactly beneficial for me to procrastinate as much as I...