1. Antibody82

    Hello from West France

    Hi, My name is *** i'm from France, i'm 25 yo. I'm a DL, feel free to chat with me. ***
  2. CrinkleButtBaby

    Katrina's Intro

    Hi hi! My name is Katrina (Kat) and I'm a diaper lover! It's so scary just to type that out, but if there's a time to talk about it, it's now! I'm not new to abdl, but I am new to the community, barely beginning to browse reddit. It's been a secret of mine that I've carefully shared with...
  3. Sockzz


    Hello im Matthew!! Im an young and inspiring artist and a furry!! I enjoy grunge/punk music and grunge/90s fashion. My favorite band is mother mother!! I'm new to the abdl community and I'm still looking for abdl friends!! Im in Canada and i anyone near me that has similar andl interests, i...
  4. LilFluffyBella

    Bella saying hi! <3

    Hello everybaby! You can call me Bella. I’m a furry artist who’s looking to make some friends. As of writing this I am 22 and living in the United States. I’d love to make some friends near where I am but I don’t mind making online friends! As I said I am a furry artist who enjoys drawing huffy...
  5. Jade1255

    Ello y'all!

    Just a bit of a sissy here down in S fla. Early 30s. Not fully transitioned but quite feminine. So not "passable" but getting there y'know!? Um since childhood kinda been feeling less adequate as a boy/man and more delicate. I like sports but didn't at first like all the other lads. And I'm a...
  6. lilbabyjooce

    My intro!

    Hi there! 😋💕 I’m a little in her early 20s just lookin to talk to like minded ab/dls! Though I’ve had a strong desire to be diapered and babied since forever, I only have a lil experience with explorin the community. After gettin a lil icked out by places like fetlife or Twitter I came across...
  7. Roztrl


    Hiya peeps, I'm "insert name" but you can call me R, I would say I could be described as free spirited, but also intense? kind of sub, but kind of dom also... people could call me conflicted and they wouldn't be wrong. I'm studying at Uni so imagine my age bracket being around there if you...
  8. Mikee07

    Hi from Chicago!

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking on this website for years and finally decided to make an account ^_^ My name is Michael, I am a 32yo male AB/DL living in Chicago. I love making music, being outside whenever possible, animals, eastern philosophy, and making new friends. I also love cannabis (yay...
  9. BeTrue

    My Story

    Who am I? Call me BeTrue. I graduated college with a BS in Computer Engineering (many years ago), married the love of my life, and have three amazing children. I currently work as a software engineer for a major aerospace company. I am also a Christian – I love Jesus and I love people. My...
  10. BlissfulFoxie


    Not sure what to say, just hey I'm a fox! I think I got the hang of the rules here, tried to make my name different and such. Decided to sign up since most of my googled questions ended up leading me to a thread here. Messages are welcome if thats a thing and you want to.
  11. ItsyBitsyBabySara

    sissy baby

    Hi Hi I is an adult baby. I am a sissy baby girl cause I love the colorful and cute clothes that baby girls wear. I am a cry baby, a needed baby and a busy baby. I've always since I could first remembered I wanted to be a baby but I decided not to tell my family about it even at age 4...
  12. LilChippers

    Hi! I'm Chippers

    Ciao, everybody! I go by Chippers, I'm a 32 yo "little" who is into school (Music and Technology major), music production, stuffies, cartoons, video games, hiking, diapers, sippies, the list goes on and I love chatting about it :) I'm looking to make friends and make connections. Happy fall...
  13. August08


    Hi! I’m August, I’m from California, staying in Ohio for a while. I’m trans FtM and a furry! I’ve been into AB for a few years on and off in private, and been borderline DL for longer. Since I was young, I’ve always had a little headspace id slip into without realizing it (By young i mean old...
  14. L

    About Me

    Hi there. Im lily. I was very happy when I found this. Im a bedwetter and so i came looking for a site to chat about it without being further patronised. My life is very good. I am a student at a very good school and attained good grades. I also get looked after by my younger sister which is...
  15. psychonautalis

    So... I Guess This Would Be My Intro.... *heavy breathing*

    Hello all Greetings from the Netherverse, or the Nexus, or wherever from which you are. I am psychonautalis and I guess i'm just like you, here, gathering inspiration and courage to jump out into the unknown and be myself... and to find others just like me... I hope! :sweatdrop...
  16. SleepyBunny

    Im new here, so, what up.

    Hello! My name is {disclosed} xD . I am sort of new here (i read on this site, but never made an account). This is my fist/only abdl forum I have joined and is also the first forum in general (i think, may not be accurate). So here it goes... I like making things and tinkering with stuff...
  17. Whiskerly

    Hello Again

    I got busy and became a Lurker, so here I am again! You can call me Wisp. I'm an 18-year-old girl in love with video games & the arts. I am a digital artist on FA (, where I post mostly diaper art (anthro & human). I also play guitar, and i WOULD sew if my...
  18. A

    Lurker to poster

    Hi Everyone, An intro to start off the profile. Im from the UK, im in my mid twenties and Im abdl from being about 15. I love seeing new abdl products and still awaiting those perfect diaper and onesie designs. Look forward to chatting with you. S xx
  19. N

    hello, not sure where to start

    Hello, I'm glad I found this site. I've lurked on some of these sites for years, sort of off and on, but thought I'd take the plunge. I wouldn't say diapers are sexual for me, they just make me feel "right", happier, not anxious. Anyway, not sure what that makes me exactly, but nice to meet...
  20. C

    Hello from Dorset. -intro

    Hello I am a fairly new DL who has not yet experienced all types of diapers. I will ask for help from time to time and would love to meet new friends. My name is Casey and I'm a TB/TDL I like diaper girls and mummys if anyone wants to meet up. I could also meet with other boys to discuss stuff...