How to stop temporary?

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So I've been trying to find my own place for a while and realized that with what I make currently it would be difficult to get an apartment without a roommate. Well a family friend and old co-worker is moving out of state and her son needs a roommate. We I'm planning on taking her spot on the lease. Since I'm going to be rooming with someone who is a family friend. I really feel like I need to quit wearing diapers for the time being. What are your guys suggestions for making this temporary purge easier on me. I'm going to have to quit for at least a year.
Why stop? You just need to careful so that he doesn't find out
Embrace porn.
Adiba said:
Why stop? You just need to careful so that he doesn't find out

Because I honestly don't feel comfortable wearing while living with a roommate. I know some people have no problem with it but I do. Only reason I wear normally at home is because my mom knows about it already.
When you feel the desire to wear shift your focus on to something else. Don't dwell on your desire to wear. Also don't try too hard to not think about it because if I say don't think about the color blue, what are you thinking about? Blue.
When I got a roommate, I never really stopped. I guess I could attribute that to the fact that we were really good friends long before he moved in. I don't know how close you are to this family friend of yours, but if you suspect that it'd be awkward wearing around him and truly believe it's the right thing to hold off, then your judgment will steer you straight.

Oh, and you'll do well on rent if you're not buying diapers. :rolleyes:
If you two have separate rooms, it shouldn't matter to your roommate if you wear diapers or not. Just keep everything clean and don't leave wet and/or poopy diapers around the apartment.
I would suggest an action plan.

I stopped just before I got engaged (note: still going through binge and purge cycles).

So I had a lot going on to "fill" the void.

First off get to a point that you will not have a problem stopping.
Find an activity or hobby that you an use as a diversion when the urges come up.
If they do come back to a point of being distractions, then have a discreet plan to deal with the urges, i.e. Doing it at night when you can hide the diaper under PJs or something of that nature.

I hope this helps.

The only way I could ever get my mind off diapers. was to let work and games consume all of my time up.
In other words find some hobbies are something to keep your mind occupied so you don't have the time to think about diapers are AB stuff. that use to keep my mind off my AB side for a mouth are so.
I think once I made it 3 mouths but when it hit me it hit hard my baby side.
:biggrin: hope things go well for you.
If DL is sexual for you just porn Untill you can't no more and if that's not enough buy some diapers from a shop and wear them in your car, what you do in them ain't my business, not promoting you having "fun" in public but late night in a secluded area is a safe bet ( one of the reasons I can't wait to start driving myself) if you ever get questions just say you have trouble sleeping and store them in you car or something, and if it's just cause you like wearing then just do the car thing but just less fun times haha, just make sure you have a change of clothes in your car and wipes and an air freshener which are all easy things too explain if you ever get called out
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