1. SimCo

    Mental illness and my abdl side

    For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with long periods of depression that started for no apparent reason and seemed I last forever. Also from as long as I can remember from my very earliest memories, I have harbored a secret and recurring desire to be diapered. Both of these facts are...
  2. DprEffect

    How to stop temporary?

    So I've been trying to find my own place for a while and realized that with what I make currently it would be difficult to get an apartment without a roommate. Well a family friend and old co-worker is moving out of state and her son needs a roommate. We I'm planning on taking her spot on the...
  3. xtrabulk

    Diaper Aisle During Purge

    Well, I was having purge issues, and the wife and I went to the store. I could barely go down The Aisle with her to get the charcoal. It was disgusting and disturbing and made me very guilty at the time. I'm better now, but are there similar instances of aversion during bad times or a purge? It...
  4. Dude84

    So be honest, have you ever been stupid enough to do this?

    Basically, I was just thinking that in 16 years of using computers of various types (yes, right from when I was 7 :-P) i've never been stupid enough to delete some files then realise "oh shit", and had to spend hours recovering them using heurestic tools... I mean, i've lost data, through...