How much is too much?


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Just wondering how much you guys think is "too much" to spend on gaming

By gaming I mean the whole thing including Consoles/computers, TVs (or a monitor), Games, accessories, etc.

I think it is well worth it to spend more money at times, gaming has truly evolved to be a much nicer experience than it used to be

I mean you still have "retro" games for people that prefer that style (or they can stick to older systems or games) but theres also the more hardcore/realistic segment

I have spent a decent amount of money on my TV, console, and so on (well I didn't buy $200 controllers like some people do) and I dont regret it.

I'm always a bit behind on gaming (I didn't get a PS4 at first, having waited over a year to get one at a cheaper price and be able to buy games at cheaper prices) but that just means I can get more out of my money

To me going much above $300-$400 on a system is too much,

On a controller $60 is probably the absolute highest I would ever go

though even that is unnecessary as prices have gone down on controllers, on games I usually spend closer to $30-$40 at most.

I do have to say though if the PS5 ends up as good as its supposed to it may be the 1st time I ever buy a completely brand new system; and that is allegedly gonna cost $500 upon release

So what is your take


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Too much is more than you can afford to lose. Its relative to a person's disposable income. Also, like anything else, if it interferes with the activities of daily living or future goals - its too much. Games and hobbies of any sort aren't investments, they are entertainment.
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You can never spend too much if you are still paying your bills and not going broke. I have like over 700 video games and that is from all the years I had been buying them since I was 15. Most of them I got used and I got them way after they had stopped making them because they are cheaper then.