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Hiya :3

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I stumbled across this page while searching to buy abdl related things to add to my currently small collection. I'm happy to find a community ^^ I'm a little who just recently (last week) came out to my bf. I'm happy to say that ever since I've been wearing and I've been regressed. He's given me rules to keep me regressed like no TV > PG, no games > E... I'm a gamer and that made over 90 % of my game collection off limits, but now that I'm happily(finally!) living as a little, I must say I'd give them up again ^_^. I get to cuddle with him and play my Sesame Street games so everything is ok.

Other than the little thing, I'm a musician, I've played guitar for 10 years and I'm currently learning piano. I used to make dubstep music but it felt like luck whenever I finally made something that was decent so I'm learning piano and music theory to help me make reliably decent music.

I'm also a fur...kinda. I'm not 'active' in any way, there are local fur meets and whatnot but I never find the time.

Anyways, I'm looking for friends and I'm happy to PM, kik, whatever, feel free to ask.
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Hello Rose and welcome to the group.

welcome and what a wonderful boyfriend you have to delve that deep into your age regression.

Hope you enjoy it here! :)
Hi rose, Welcome here. I would say 99% of my games are over the 'E' rating and I don't think I could handle going without them.
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