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Hello one and all,
I joined ADISC a month or so ago but never got round to/couldn't think of anything to say so I was designated a ‘lurker’. As that sounded like such a horrible thing to be I thought I better get on with introducing myself.

I’ve never joined an internet forum, let alone an ABDL one, so writing this is has been quite nerve-racking. I've never even spoken to another ABDL person before!

As for actually introducing myself: I’m a straight, 26 year old male from the south east of England. I have two degrees and many interests outside the ABDL world (which I have never really been a part of until now). I’ve been interested in nappies most of my life and I suppose I would identify as a ‘DL’.

*Gulp* Having never spoken to another ABDL I'm interested to see how being a member here works out and hopefully I’ll learn something along the way.

Peace, Jinjah
Hi Jinjah, welcome here. This is the first forum I joined as well. That first post was... difficult to say the least.

What are your degrees in? I know I was ready to be done with school after I got my first one! I also noticed you like MUSIC! Do you have any favorite genres or bands?
Hey Jinjah, nice intro. Being a little anxious is a very common experience for most newcomers, so I wouldn't worry so much about that. This is a wonderful community so jump in and enjoy participating.
Hi both, thanks for the welcome. I feel better already for posting something.

My degrees are in English literature and philosophy. As for music, very hard to pick favourites as I go through phases and it depends on what I can buy on vinyl on any given day. Favourite band would have to be Fat Freddy's Drop though.
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