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Hi people, coming to terms with being a dl

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  1. Diaper Lover
How is everyone tonight? Im new to this site.. and feeling super nervous about posting this but i am a dl, i have nobody to talk to about this quirk, so thought id join.. It started id say about a year go? The urge just came to me out of nowhere also? What makes people want to wear them?

A bit about me? im quite shy, and tend to get lost in my head a lot. I love thinking about life, and am pretty optimistic, i hate fighting/Arguing with people. -^.^-
I work two jobs, and live with my parents. how do you guys get the time, or work up the confidence to buy them?
Oh and if you are in a relationship.. how did you break this kink to your significant other?
sorry for all the questions, hehe :/
Hi fetching,
That's a lot in your intro lol. It seems weird to me to suddenly have the urge to wear diapers as Ive always been interested since I was very young. But I do understand the desire. Indulging in this and living with others that don't know is quite a challenge, but it can be done, though I guess you've worked that out. Buying online is the easiest option, you've just got to work out a discrete delivery option.....some people use parcel lockers and some pick up from courier centres. Finally telling a SO .... Mmmm, well first I think you need to know that partner really well, and decide if and when they actually need to know, how they're likely to react, and how supportive they're likely to be.
WOW O.O this is material for at least 3 solid threads lol... Hahaha welcome dude.
* dudette, hehe :) Thanks for the kind response. And yeah it is odd, maybe it was something i was repressing all these years? Ive only bought them once. And oh my goodness the cashier was asking me all these questions about my supposed baby.. i choked up and said i was babysitting x) i felt the blood rush to my face ha i bet i was so red.

And is it long? I guess for a shy girl i sure can ramble huh :)
Oh wow, squeeze me, sorry about that :blushie: I should have read your profile.... oops :)
Oh yeah... you know the quiet ones always have the most to say. AKA me.
oh jeez, fetching, maybe you could tell us male folk how to break this to other halfs of the female type :p It seems like the hardest thing in the world to do, mainly because we are so scared of losing the most important people in our life over something that to us seems normal, but to everyone else seems like the craziest taboo in the world! Heck, people spanking and whipping each other (50 shades of grey style) is more main-stream :laugh:

You sound similar to myself, I absolutely cannot handle confrontation, which is funny because I've had jobs that depended on that ability.

Definitely buying online is the way to go, receiving the parcels is the tricky bit. Its just handy that in my country we have this system of parcel collection where you can go pick them up. Makes life a little easier.

Sounds strange that you would just have an "urge". If you think back a while, was there anything that you may think pointed you towards this kink? I know in my childhood thinking back, I did some strange things which thinking now, point straight towards being into diapers! Weird.....
ha hey its cool :p no worries :) And you know you are probably right :p nd its so easy talking behind a computer screen i find, woo
Hi Fetching, welcome here!

I can say that I got a very strong urge to begin wearing about a year ago as well. However, I have always been interested in diapers for a very long time. I've done enormous amounts of thinking on it and have anecdotal evidence that I was interested from about 2-3 years old.

While working 2 jobs, it's hard to find the time to do anything extra. Unfortunately, it comes down to a matter of prioritization. For some, diapers are important enough to them that they will make time that could otherwise be spent doing something else. Also, Every time you buy diapers, it gets easier. Confidence comes with experience. :)
I agree buying online might be easier if you have a place to ship it to. Rearz is based in Ontario so they could be an option.

You might try checking out http://understanding.infantilism.org/ There is some pretty good information on where AB/DL comes from for different people and some info on if, when, and how to tell others.
lol well I dont even know how to break it to my boyfriend myself?? haha i am so new with this stuff and i have so many feelings im trying to figure out.. i dont want him getting the wrong idea.. is there even a right way to break this to him? Ughh i get butterflies just thinking about this ..

I think with telling a girl you would probably have to ease in to it .. i tend to like the dominent type of guy so maybe show her you can still be that and you will still care for her and her needs as well. :) if she likes you enough she will accept you for who you are, but choice of words is key so just take your time? Dont take my advice to seriously as im to chicken to even tell my man :/ :))

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Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah the problem with shipping for me is that im not home often, at all! If i order them and they come while my parents are home..that wouldent be good :p
And thanks for the link, im going to read it right now :)

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I just want to wear one to bed with my boyfriend and have that embarrassing/ comforting feeling of him knowing and being cuddled to sleep.. its such a happy thought to me. This is hard to accept! Sorry for talking so much about them guys its exciting to have a found a place where this isnt looked down upon?
fetching said:
Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah the problem with shipping for me is that im not home often, at all! If i order them and they come while my parents are home..that wouldent be good :p
And thanks for the link, im going to read it right now :)

I guess I'm lucky in that regard. :)
When going to school, I would receive boxes of electronic parts a few times a week and my father would ask what they were. It always led to a very long one sided conversation where I would describe in exacting detail what they were, used for, etc. Eventually he stopped asking. Last month there was a change of plans and he ended up being the one to sign for The Box (oops). The only thing that came from it was a day of nervousness and a text message saying a box arrived. :sweatdrop:
Welcome Fetching,

1st off, no need to feel nervous posting anything diaper related here. You're in good company and I guarantee most people here have had these exact same feelings and questions. You've got plenty of people to talk to regarding this quirk now.

Reasons for people wearing can be few or numerous. There's no one right answer. Some feel they were born this way, others like the feeling, some do it for stress relief, etc. Unless you're the type of person that doesn't care what others think or say... confidence buying at any sort of brick and mortar store grows with every time you buy diapers. If you're worried about a story or running into someone you know you could use the following (or make up any suitable story):
If buying baby diapers - my parents needed me to pick some up for my sister/they're a baby shower gift/etc.
If buying adult diapers - they're for my grandma/grandpa /they're for a practical joke.

Lastly, I told my now wife a few days before we got engaged. The conversation prob. should have happened sooner but I was still chickening out. As luck would have it earlier one night some friends mentioned adult babies. It was briefly discussed and I played dumb on the subject. However, back at her place (just the 2 of us) she brought it back up. Figured then was good enough a time as any to bring up being a DL. I was scared as anything and thought I would have a heart attack. She's the only person I've ever told my secret to in real life.
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