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hi hi :)

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hi, all! i'm bella and i'm a little/ABDL.
i believe i've always been a little and dealt with age regression due to a problematic childhood.
i've found myself fascinated with the ABDL community for ages. i thought AB's were the cutest! but one day, i decided to put on a diaper just to see how it felt, and i LOVED it.

i feel i must warn you: i'm a directioner (one direction fan) (and i'm not underae, lol), so if i have a chance to bring up my love for 1D, i probably will, hehe.

i'm very excited to be a part of this lovely community and hope to interact with some wicked awesome folks. xx
Welcome to our friendly little group.
Welcome to ADISC! It's nice to meet you.
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Hi and welcome :)
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