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Hey! Glad to finally join~!

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Hey, everyone!

So I erm...I like...wearing erm....

I like wearing diapers... -/////-

No, jk. No need to be bashful about it. I wear diapers and I've been wearing for about...oh wow, about five years now. Something clicked when I was little and I really liked the diaper I was in and I couldn't shake the feeling and now, I'm back into diapers, and I love it~! I have a onesie and some super fluffy socks but that's as far as my wardrobe goes as a DL. I would totally like to get into some more AB stuff but I have to be covert in my regressive ways so...hopefully I'll get there some day. ^^U

Apart from that, I'm a psychology student in Texas. That's...about how specific I'm going to get in that respect. I like sci-fi literature, poetry, creative writing, video games, analysis, technology (give me a computer, a phone, or a laptop and I'll be busy with it all day)...oh, and I really like ponies! (if you couldn't tell by my username). Apparently diapered ponies are pretty big on the internet (way bigger than I thought) so...I'm less of a minority in that respect. And I'm not a troll you, get in your face, and ponify everything type of brony. I just like ponies- mostly the artstyle and some of the characters.

Aaaaanyway, if you're still awake, congrats. You win a candy bar. Kudos. Yay. Cheers. I dunno, guys, it's 2 AM and I just failed big time at building a baby bouncer but I found a solution on this site and...I knew I'd succumb and join this site eventually so...

Here I am~!
Welcome on board ! I'm looking forward to know you more.
Thanks for the welcome! Hoping to meet lotsa new peeps here. :)
Hey there, and welcome!

I too like ponies, and all the good art that's out there.
Yay! Diapered Ponies are awesome! ^~^
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