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  • Hey, no problem! The technical stuff can be tricky at times :p

    I see you're from France btw? I've been there a few times, once in Paris and once in the Loire valley, I think it's a beautiful country :)
    I replied, I am trying to use a lot of the same arguments used in the other thread, and it's unlikely I am going to provide much evidence and when I do ... I will cherry pick one example of when something bad has happened.

    I hope doing it from this perspective will get others to think more about these things they say.
    Ya, that thread makes me want to bring out the insults, but then I would get in trouble XD. It's hard though, because I feel like some of the arguments put forward are genuinely idiotic. It irritates me even more because some people are telling me, that I can't say the opposing views are invalid even when it's proven to be invalid by evidence and data.

    Also, Maxx ... there are no words to describe him. XD
    Hi and Thanks! Always happy to make new friends :3. Also, yep, that topic has been going for a very long time. Just when you think it might end, someone comes around and comments again XD.
    Hey! It's nice to meet you too :) Decided to send you a message here so I don't pollute your topic too much!

    It makes me kinda sad that the chatbox is gone, I always had a really good time and I kinda don't want to use actual speech when communicating online :p

    How has the forum been? I see you're rather new, how do you feel about it? Are there a lot of nice people?
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