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Hello one! Hello all! From your friendly Chicago Suburbs college student.

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Hello reader! The name's silentdreamer199, course you can just call me Mike or Mikey, whichever you prefer. I'm a 19 year old abdl in the northwest suburban area of Chicago. I'm Bi gamer who loves to draw, read, watch anime, and to overall have a good time. I first got started on the lifestyle back when I was around 6. Guess you could say it was a stereotypical 'your friend's sibling wears diapers that fit you' kind of story. Course, as it turns out, I do actually have an under developed bladder and due to several back injuries (one including a three story fall), I can't always feel the need to go, so the diaper life style certainly has saved me in public. Currently, being a college student, getting access to adult diapers, more so good quality ones, isn't so easy. So if you got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Side note, I have very traditional Roman Catholic parents who don't know about my orientation or lifestyle choice, so yeah.

Anywho, it is great to finally get into the more public scene of the community and I hope to help make it a better place. That's all for now! Mikey signing out!
Welcome aboard Mike(y)! I noticed on your profile it says you are studying account, I must give you props there, that sort of stuff never made sense to me. If you live in a dorm with others diapers might be hard, I recommend and it may be obvious, discreet shipping on some plain white diapers, cloth backs for quietness. I can't think of any off hand, but I know there are some.
Lucky you, you're in the same neighborhood as Northshore. You're a short drive a way from high quality diapers.

Welcome to Adisc.
Welcome to the site. Wow.....a three story fall. Sounds like you were lucky to have survived it. How did that happen?

Both my wife and I took a couple of accounting course a number of years ago when we were considering a change of career. We both aced our courses, but there were so many more courses we would have had to take that we didn't have the time or the money. It is a difficult profession and one that demands attention to detail.
Well the three story fall was when I was around 8 or 9. We used to have these extremely tall pine trees in our backyard. One day, my sister took my gameboy and climb to the very top, almost four stories high up, so I decide to climb after her. Unfortunately for me, seven branches away from her was covered in ants. I went to reach for it, got bit by ants, lost my grip and fell down breaking through several branches with my back. It is surprising I can still walk after all that; course, I can't feel much in them anymore.
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