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hello and Greetings from London

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Hi I am Sapphire I am from South Wales and moved to London quite recently I am a DL and I wear them as a form of relaxation ! and to help me sleep at night whether that is psychological or not it seems to work for me!.

I found Adisc by chance and wondered if any of the members could help me to find a closer supplier of Plastic Pants in the Suprema range as was going to the USA for supplies thanks to Adidas I have found one in Germany and has saved me £20 in costs so thank you Adidas and the information he gave me was so invaluable .

I am a Photographer by trade but not doing too good since moving to London :(
My Interests are Music and Playing Guitar and the organ !
also I have tried to do research into why I should have this Fetish or desire that I have for wearing a Terry Nappy (pants type) and Plastic Pants. whether it is a form of OCD as I have tried to kick the habit but it comes back stronger! or what ever it is a fetish OCD or what ....Lol well that is me ! thank you for looking in !.
Oh nice to see someone from South Wales on here! I am not myself but half of my family are from there - my father was from the rhondda. Anyway, welcome!

I know what you mean about needing them for sleep, a lot of us do :) As for the plastic pants I'm guessing you've tried Save Express in Germany? Other than that I don't know but I am curious as to their sizes... I could do with getting some of the button up ones.

So you play guitar eh? Me too! Gibson or Fender?

I've been around these sites for a while, if you want to ask me anything fire away! :)
Philosophy said:
I play guitar too, Fender and Silvetone FTW, I have a 1962 Silvertone I bought from an amazing friend of mine who is also a luither. It has made me fall in love with old guitars!

As in a Sears Silvertone amp???
Nice :) DIY fretboard from your own apple tree.... not many people can say that!
Welcome to ADISC!

What type of organ do you play? The rock-band, electric or the church (typically) type (either pipes or electric)?

I am not very good but I enjoy playing a church organ.
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