has anybody tried baby pants plastic pants the Gerber style

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Ok so I was wondering has anybody tried the baby pants plastic panties Gerber style I was wondering because recently I lost a lot of weight and now most of the disposable adult diapers don't fit me anymore I'm to small for them but I've tried the baby disposables and that are just to small for me. But I've recently found the cloth diapers that my mom used on me as a baby and they seam to fit better I was going to try to buy adult cloth diapers but I can't find any that are well in my size anymore I'm just to small for their smallest size. The other problem is that the leg holes on the baby plastic pants that where in the bag of old diapers my waist fit somewhat but the leg holes aren't big enough. I've seen that baby pants classic Gerber says that they have the perfect size for me so all I need to know is if they hold up well over time and overall are they a good plastic pant?

Sorry this was so long I just thought I would explain the situation I was in thank you for reading and thank you in advance for any feedback.
Yes, I have used Baby Pants - Gerber style and I think they are OK. Baby Pants PEVA pants also hold up OK for me. Other members here also post good advice about which brands hold up well. They'll share their ideas here, too, I'll bet. That should help. Good luck with your wearing!
Thank you
You sound like a candidate for my favorite custom cloth company Angelfluff, you give them your measurements they make you a diaper send it to you wash it like five times dry it like five times then wear it ,if they need to tweak it tell them how and they will, if it perfect and needs nothing just tell them how many you want,the same applies to Plastic pants they have "blue ice" made for them by Gary you can select anything as far as waist and legs and they will build it or they have other Plastic and vinyl options in every color you can think of from regular to rhumba . I myself wear the custom contour U 3 during the day and super heavy weight nite diaper to bed,I have had these diapers and pants in use going on 9 years none have failed or died and gone to the car wash shoeshine rag nox,and the only pair of blue ice that I have had a problem with is because a cigarette fell on them and melted a hole patched it good as new. Jenny and Howard own and run the company it was started because Howard is IC in a chair they could not find the quality they wanted at a decent price so Jenny started ordering custom fabric and making Howard's diapers friends found out asked for some and it got to the point that they just started the business they are very nice very loving people you can call them and Wether you need diapers or pants or just someone to talk to and pray with they will do it, and yes they are one of the more expensive of your cloth options however you absolutely get what you pay for, I am nothing but thrilled with my purchase and three support over the years and will remain their customer until I die, if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask me and I will answer either post or pm does not matter I will answer also you can go to their website and Explorer.
Thank you before I read your post I ordered some from baby pants and as I said the baby cloth diapers actually seem to fit. If the plastic pants don't work I will definitely try the angelfluff. Thanks for letting me know.:grouphug:
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