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Well my partner comes home with a gym ball, and I'm like....OK! That could be cool. Who knew that would be so much fun :claps: if the scale alone wasn't enough to send me into a regression, then .... Those things are so bouncy, and you can roll around on them and sit on them, chase them across the room. Wow....I guess she can get some exercise done when I'm all tuckered out lol.

So who else has had a bunch of fun with one of these, or maybe something similar.
Ooh! That sounds like fun!
You're lucky you have the space to mess around with it. My Dad had one some years ago for doing certain types of stretches, but I was terrified of knocking over a bookshelf or breaking a lamp or something, so I never did more than sit on it and wobble a bit.
My mom has one. I play around on it on occasion.
Gym ball? I supposed that can sound exciting X3
I thought of that, I've played on one in the past, but not resently. Still it does sound fun.
My boyfriend had one for exercise purposes for about a month, and then we realized its AB potential... It's currently out of service.

We had plenty fun while it lasted though. It made us feel much smaller and sillier. Should have seen our faces when it popped though.
Yeah, Ozbub, I see where you're coming from on several levels. If I have my way, my playroom will have a few elements of a physical/occupational therapy space, in addition to the, "If Lisa Frank decorated a nursery to last her daughter from birth to 5," style. Scale really, "does it for me," and PT & OT were a big part of my childhood.
Those look like a lot of of fun! This would be a good backyard toy.
I use them in my workout sessions...they are a lot of fun just for that. I never really thought how much fun they could be at home and for diaper/little play. May have to invest in one once I move :)
I don't have one, but in the summer I like to get a large beach ball I have and pounce on it outside, hell, its summer, no one gives a shit around here.
I have one! It is so much fun to bounce on!
Yeah, I remember that big orange Gymnic ball every time we had PE.
I have one for exercise purposes, I'm gonna have to try playing with it now! Can't wait till my next "little time"!
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