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So since Goodnites have shrunk in the past year, I've been looking for some sort of store brand alternative closer to its size from last year. I don't know if they all followed Goodnites example, but I hope not. The two that look to me like they might be hopeful are the White Cloud generic Overnights and Dollar General's generic overnights. Does anyone have any experience with either, especially Dollar General's? I'm probably going to try the White Cloud ones soon, as a Wal-Mart is close by. But my closest Dollar General is a little bit of a distance. I'm mainly concerned with their size and fit mimicking the old Goodnites, not so much about anything else. Thanks!
White cloud ones suck. They are smaller than goodnites and I can't fit into them with my 34" waist. If you want the old "white" Goodnites, Kroger (Fred Meyer) carry them as their store brand. They are literally a white Goodnite and licensed by Kimberly-Clark. They are not as absorbent as real Goodnites and don't swell up much. Alternatively, Target has their Up&Up brand of overnight pants which are also identical to Goodnites and are licensed by Kimberly-Clark. They have blue and green stripes and the same absorbancy as Goodnites. The only downside to both of these is that they don't have the new stretchy sides that real Goodnites have, so they are a struggle to put on without tearing, at least for me.

I should also mention that Safeway, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart all have the same generic overnight pants that are the 'White Cloud" type with different graphics. They definitely don't fit anyone above 125lbs.
Sadly, the closest Kroger for me is about 120 miles... nooot a trip I really can make (especially with access to only public transport... no car) The Target ones though, I'll look into when I can. Thanks! Also, the CVS brand, while about the same length as the most recent goodnites (sadly), I swear seem to fit me a bit better in regards to leg guards. I seem to sometimes get large gaps between my legs ant the pullup while wearing goodnites. With CVS, not so much! And they're cheaper! Still, I kind of hope the Target ones are a little longer. Probably not, but I'll try em anyway.
DEPEND REALFITS, available at your local WallyWorld.

If you're looking for another comparable pant, but willing to do it online, REASSURE OVERNIGHTS are another good pick (HDIS). They fit snug, are plain white (dress them up yourself), hug the hips, are low rise for sneaking in daytime wear, etc. As with any pullup, though, it's best to use something to provide extra support, for when they're wet, though this isn't an issue with either of these brands.
It's funny, but the most recent Goodnites that I ordered from Amazon are the largest Goodnites I've ever had. They're almost too big on me, as they feel loose. They also have the old ninja and skateboarder design, so maybe they were from the back of the warehouse. Even if they were the old style, I wonder why they are as large as they are? I wonder if they are having some sort of quality control problem?
I have the White Cloud from walmart, I don't have an issue with them. I only have a 30" waist though.. That being said, if you get the white clouds and plan on doing a lot of moving around, I recommend investing in some tape, the sides do split if you're rolling around and whatnot..
yo I just bought some goodnites yesterday and they said 15-25% more stretchier! So ya that may fix your problem, look for that feature in the next batch you buy, if you do
I think the best option for pullups is attends overnight, if you look at the picture it may look like just another adult pullup but the padding comes up almost to the top front and back (you just cant see it from the outside), its much thicker and has extra leak guards.
I'm not a big pullup fan but they do work great.i
part of it is what you want in your diapers/pullups, look, function, or feel I know the attends overnights function well, they feel good (Its been so long since I wore a goodnite I cant say for sure they feel like them), grant it they are plain white and look like other adult pullups.
The stretchier Goodnites are actually the ones that I've found are a bit shorter. I can still fit into them, in fact the really do just slide on now, but the previous models were a bit taller, and were still easy to get on with a little effort. Well, these attends sound like something I might try though. I do like designs sometimes, but for when I don't care, those sound nice. Thanks to all
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