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Has anyone from the UK tried these? Gompels All-In-One Adult Diaper Medium Plus 20 www.gompels.co.uk
They are plastic backed and look like they can hold quite a bit 3200ml

Are they any good if anyone here has tried them?
I havent seen these before, but they look fantastic. They look similar to the Northshore Supreme that they have in the US, plus a waistband. They also have a good rating on their site. If you do decide to try a pack, please let us know how they are. I am looking for a replacement to the Tena Maxi when I visit the UK.
I've just had them delivered, and I must say they are pretty good, they are plastic backed, and have quite a good crinkle , not too loud but you can hear it when you walk, the plastic is very smooth, they look quite similar to Abena in their design with stripes going down them with Gompels written down the front, which I think is the wetness indicator, they have leak guards and waistband elastic on the legs and back, I've given them 2 medium wetting's and had no leaks as of yet!
My only grumble are the taps are quite weak, not the stickyness as they haven't come off yet but when I put on the first nappy, the tab broke, but I think that was probably me trying to put them on too tightly as I like the feeling of a tight feeling nappy.

As far as UK nappies go these are pretty good, probably not on par with the Tena's but I still recommend them
Give them a try see what you think.
Hope that helps.
Waddlebum could you take some pictures of them please?
Just the standard review pics, the padding shape and waistands seem different from the only other affordable all plastic nappy i know of but thats just going by the little product picture.
Also does the packaging mention where they where made anywhere?
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Waddlebum pretty please?

I need to make an order soon, im running low on tenas :sad:

Are these as absorbent as they say they are?

What colour is the plastic?

How high does the padding go up the front?
Sorry can't take a picture now, I'm working!
All I can tell you is that I wore one last night and it didn't leak had 2 good wettings, the plastic is white with stripes going down them like Abena's.
It's very soft plastic, got a crinkle to them but not loud, but you can hear it.
My only bug bear are the taps, they stick well enough but as the plastic isn't that strong they can tear away from the nappy. The padding covers all the main parts so to speak!
Give them a go they're a great price like I said previously not up there with the premium stuff but definitely worth the price!
Me again lol, how are you getting on with these? any more tape or leakage issues?

Please take some photos when you can.

Don't know why im so anxious about ordering these, don't think I've ever ordered multiple packs online without trying a sample first.
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