Getting up the courage to buy diapers

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Heyo. I'm really quite nervous when ordering diapers. I've only done this once, and they arrived when no-one else was home, luckily. I've made them last for awhile, only wearing them at night occasionally, but I'm almost out and I wanted to try some different diapers.

The problem I have is I live at home with my mom and younger brother. I doubt they'd open a package with my name on it. But what if they ask what's in it? Like me, they're the curious sort, so they probably will ask; then see me get embarrassed.
I order loads of things anyway so if anyone asks I just say it's something fragile. Though a lot of the time I just pick it up from the delivery depot ;)
You can try what I first did when I ordered diapers...

1) Plan your deliver date, know when your mom won't be home (works best when she works) and find out when it delivers and do this a week in advance so it would deliver on the day your mom is at work. (This worked for my Bellissimo's)

2) Ship them to a friends house. You can say "this is a birthday or early holiday gift for yourself" or for a friend but you would rather have it sent to his/her house for pick up so your family does not know about it. Say something like "Breaker discs" for protection against discs and it's possible because they make tons of those actually. (This worked for my Abena M4's)

There are a few more possibilities like also having it mailed directly to the store (UPS most likely) for pick up and leaving it near your house hidden until it is time for you to retrieve your package while everyone else is asleep. It's all about planning and practicing. Once you order, you will get better at it.

Now before you attempt this! Have a empty box and put something inside to experiment on what your mom would do. Put whatever you want like you can put your console in your game box and put it in another box and see how your mom would react. If she looks, then you might want a different tactic but this is meant for just a direct approach to your bedroom with everyone's eyes on is still a very unique experiment to try in case your mom catches you out of the clear blue.
You can ship to a FedEx or ups store. They do what is called, "hold for pickup" or something, and then charge 5$ for holding it. You can call and ask a store for details on how to properly do it, but basically you just set the address of the store with extra details of tour name and phone number
A lot of sellers ship diapers in brown boxes or plain ones in respect to the customer. A lot of these sellers will tell you how they ship them out.
Thanks for all the advice so far.

I should probably say that I can't drive, haven't had a chance to learn how; and I don't have any friends I can ship it to, do to autistic social troubles and a lack of opportunities. My mom is usually home due to multiple health issues, but she is usually resting in bed. It's mainly my job to take care of her.

It's all of this that makes it so difficult. Having diapers is a good outlet to relax at the end of the day.
Man this brings me back. The first ones I got were free samples and last April I decided to buy a pack. I still have 80 percent of it because I don't wear much but I'm comfortable knowing that I'm able to order them without feeling so self conscious.
Probably get them sent to a ups store when I used to live with my parents my stepsister opened the box I ordered because I was at work and didn't get it first so that was an awkard predicament that wasn't easy to explain.
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