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fresh meet

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WaddleKitten here!!!

I am currently a retail worker but pushing to get into designing interiors both commecial and residential...

I'm here to learn more about myself and others within the ABDL community while I myself stay more to the DL side... and would just like to share learn and grow what and where I can...

Aside from loving a super padded bum I enjoy Legos, art, music, furries, aspire to be a DJ and do lighting design for musical performances be it bands or DJ's...

Ask me any and all questions because its easier for me to carry a conversation when I'm given a direction. .. I'm pretty introverted...
Hello WadlleKitten! Welcome to ADISC! We're all a little shy here at the beginning but before you know it, you're posting and commenting like crazy!

Have you ever been to Lego Land? I hear it's a lot of fun.
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No I haven't but I did get to see their extension in Universal Orlando
Many of us are shy, myself included. I have 'talked' on ADISC in the last year than I have on Facebook, email and phone combined!

A long time ago, one of my friends and co-workers provided the lighting for a local band. It was interesting to see what he did but I could never do it (I don't have the 'eye' to know what looks good).

Welcome to ADISC.
Welcome to adisc. What kind of music is your favorite?
Are there any videos of his lighting??? I love seeing other's interpretations of music!!! Also noticed you like HO trains... that's awesome!!! Do you have a layout??? And thanks for the warm welcome =^_^=

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To say I have a favorite kind is unfair... I respect all genres because what music I listen to and when depends on how I feel or want to feel at the time... sometimes music just takes you in a direction... and that's why I think being a DJ would be awesome... because how one presents music can dramatically change it's emotional power... for example " such great heights" by The Postal Service has a great remix that takes it drom fast and upbeat to mellow and dark... I feel it more than the original...
WaddleKitten said:
Are there any videos of his lighting??? I love seeing other's interpretations of music!!! Also noticed you like HO trains... that's awesome!!! Do you have a layout???

This was years ago (30 or so) so no video (or film).

My dad had a very nice layout when I was young and I started to build the Ma & Pa (Maryland & Pennsylvania) layout that was in Model Railroading magazine (1965?). I never finished it as other interests over took it (specific - the Army, school and job). I wish I could go back and build another layout but I still have other things that I want to do before I get back to the model trains.
Hello WaddleKitten,

I'm pretty new to this site also and there is a good vibe here. So you should feel real comfortable here. Welcome to ADISC. I'm a fan of Trance music. Artists like Sasha and Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Armin van Buuren. I also love Lidsey Sterling. I'm just a big fan of music. House, Pop, 80's etc.
I love Armin Van Buuren!!! And Paul Van Dyk and Deadmau5... Armin is going to be at EDCNY this year... its a shame admission is astronomical...

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Fresh meat is tasty, so you're more than welcome here; considering you actually have any? *drools*

Lol, welcome!

I like you... you're fun :)
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