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Forever lurker, now my story

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Hi anyone reading this :smile1: I've been a DL all my life (25M), only realizing "DL" was a thing, a few years ago. Here is my story:

Ever since I could remember, I always liked 'diapers', especially the 'pull on' style, if you consider that a diaper.

I wet the bed until I was 12. One evening I ran out of goodnites, so my dad MacGyvered me a diaper out of a thin pee pad. I went to sleep with it, but really hated it and refused to pee in it. The next morning I woke up dry. And woke up dry ever since. Today, I'm convinced that the only reason I wet my goodnites, was because I liked doing it!!

I have lots of early memories including diapers and goodnites. Until I was about 7 years old, I was babysat by my neighbour, which was a cute teenager with long, straight brown hair. I remember her saying "How come you are still wearing those?" as she was pulling a diaper out of my diaper bag, looking at it intrigued. I would lay on the couch naked and she would have me raise my butt so she could slide the diaper underneath me then fasten the tape. I just loved being put in a diaper by her. Like, I couldn't wait to be put in my diaper by her! So much that when I got babysat by other people later on, I would wear pull ups / goodnites so I wouldn't have to tell them my now, night secret :)

From kindergarten, diapers, goodnites have always been part of the center of my imagination. I felt comfort, protection yet humiliation from them --and carried those feelings over in my mind, in the stories in my head. At puberty, it became part of my sexual toughs.

Since I never had access to diapers, never heard of others liking diapers, I didn't really questioned what diapers really meant to me. They were just.. toughs. About 3 years ago I saw a picture online of a woman in a cute pink cloth-like pull-on diaper, poking out of her tight blue jeans. That changed everything.

Months later all I could think of were the cute pink and purple prints on pull-ups and goodnites. So I decided to buy a pack, not just any. It had to be the girls goodnites, with the cute prints I now had became obsessed over. I purchased them without the idea of wearing them, I guess I was just too curious. Only once I had them in my room for a few days I had the guts to pull one on. I Never looked back.

Today my favorite 'diapers' remain the girls goodnites and the girls pull-ups. Call me crazy for wearing those, I just love them. :eek:

I've been looking for ever for an AB/DL pull on diaper, and may still have to wait for another while. In the meantime, I'll raise my story here. And voice my opinion over there
Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your story. Have a look around and jump into some discussions; different views and opinions are the spice of life. :)
Welcome abdlguy! That was a great introductory story. We are a support group and do like to know a little bit about each other's non-ABDL side. What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?
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