1. A

    Goodnites Absorbent Inserts for Girls

  2. L

    What diapers / pull ups should I try in the US

    Hey there I’m currently in the US for some time and I‘m wondering what diapers / pull ups there are to try. I am a huge fan of Goodnites and I did fit quite well in the L/XL ones, tried the new size L ones and they fit as well and I can wear them for the night without ripping, though they are...
  3. PawPatrolzz6634

    Does anyone like to wear goodnites over ABDL Diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time?

    Hey guys on ADISC, today I will ask you guys a question. Does anyone like to wear goodnites over ABDL Diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time? Just letting you guys know.
  4. Consul

    Goodnites XL in Canada!

    Hi everyone - Just thought I'd share some exciting news for fellow Canadians: Goodnites XL is available in Canada! I know, because I just bought some from a local Wal-Mart. So, if you're like me and in Canada and have been waiting forever to get these, you may be in luck!
  5. Demonbabywearspamps

    Goodnites/drynites size?

    Can someone tell me what's the actual max waist size in inches that goodnites/drynites fit? Weight category makes zero sense to me. Just because someone is a certain weight doesn't mean they'll fit something so i wanted to know.
  6. D

    The Road Trip- Story

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member to the forum, but I wanted to share a story that I have been working on. I enjoy writing short stories in my spare time and wanted to try writing more explicit things to try and advance my writing. This story is sort of a fantasy of mine that I have enjoyed putting...
  7. G

    Need help picking new diaper brand

    With Goodnites discontinuing their TruFit’s, I need help finding a new brand of diapers that are thin enough to be discreet that still protect against odors. Maybe I could just buy some doublers to put in my TruFit’s but searching on Amazon has me WAY too overwhelmed. What do you all use? Help...
  8. thefurealfriends2

    The can of worms is the reason i dont post on here any more!!

    So after reading the comments below! there is nothing this site has for me considering i wear goodnites. Because there not real!!!or small or what ever!!! I am one of the 5%, i cant gain weight, i loose it faster than i can eat! Its not fair to anyone who is my size. I use them with out a...
  9. WDDash

    Walmart Parents' Choice Diapers

    So I was at a Walmart today and found this brand and found out with some searching it's a Walmart diaper brand. I heard some good things about it and gave it a try. They apparently sell "bedwetting diapers". I mean most good stuff is about Goodnites, but personally, I find that they aren't...
  10. tykeboy123

    It can’t be just me ??

    I every once and awhile see Somone at the store buying diapers and wonder if they’re an abdl.
  11. thefurealfriends2

    Planning new innovations for Goodnites/depends that will help gain more market... This is the post from yesterday... I hope what there saying is true
  12. thefurealfriends2

    Goodnites new site for young adults and teens Wetting the bed can be embarrassing at any age. But what if you are a young adult hiding it from your friends? Teenagers who wet the bed at night, experiencing a condition known as nocturnal...
  13. Scamander14

    A Quick Opportunity to Buy Diapers

    So, my mother and sister are going out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until five or six. I am thinking of going out after work that day as a pretense. My dealt reason would to be to buy some diapers. I have been extremely stressed out with family matters, starting college, and living on my...
  14. K

    Which era goodnites are these and where can I find more?

    Found these, unsure from when (any text identifying year I can't read or make out)? I'm unsure if any auctions on eBay are these.
  15. R

    Depends or Goodnites

    Im planning on buying some new diapers from target here soon. But I cant decide between Depends or Goodnites. What do you guys suggest I buy? Thanks in advance!
  16. Drrockclub


    This huge lot is on eBay.. I know a few of you were asking about the original white XL
  17. Goodnites11

    Selling Most of My Goodnites Collection

    Just a heads up, I've decided to sell most of my vintage Goodnites collection. Tons for sale, check out my eBay listings! Goodnites For Sale!
  18. R

    Girls or Boys

    In a few weeks ill be going on an abdl binge. Unfortunately I only haeve acess to get Boys or Girls Goodnites, personally I think the girls are more babyish but I like the designs of the boys. Wich one do you guys think I should go with? Thanks in Advance!
  19. babyboy061997

    Stuffer absorbency

    I was wondering which is a better stuffer for absorbency, the goodnites trufit or tena overnight pads, and is there any difference in absorbency between the small and the large trufit pads
  20. C


    As I am down to only 2 goodnites left, I am wanting to get some more diapers. Although I have plenty of baby diapers and training pants, they don't really fit me so it's hard to be able to use them. :( I love the designs and the smell of baby diapers especially Pampers but unfortunately only...