1. jackshetlon1981

    goodnites cloth like feel

    does anyone remember how were goodnites before the "cloth like feel came out? how did they fell? was it different? did they look differently? cloth like came out in 2001, so just wanted to know how were they in 1994-2001? i NOW THEY were very noticeable till 2003, trust me i had to them in...
  2. mason262

    ABDL from Singapore

    Hey guys, I’ve been a long time lurker here, so I guess it’s time to introduce myself. I’m from Singapore as the title suggests. I mostly use the Korean goodnites as they are the only non-adult diapers that fit me. I’m interested in what youth diapers you guys use. Drop by if you’re from...
  3. L

    Options for small women?

    Hello everyone, not really new but first post. I’ve been wearing goodnites here and there and they fit well (I don’t wet them much, I just like to sleep in them and use them for my period) but I was hoping to find some other print options without buying adult diapers/pullups online. I’ve seen a...
  4. D

    Switching from Goodnites to Adult Diapers

    I’m curious how other long-time childhood bedwetters experienced the switch from goodnites (or similar child diapers) into adult diapers: did you accept it, fight it, like it? Any memories? Personally I grew out of goodnites when I was late 13, right a bit before Christmas. My parents were very...
  5. M

    Old Goodnites Availability?

    Hey there, I'm kind of new to using this site but anyways I wanted to see if anyone really knew about whether or not there was some way to procure old Goodnites designs. I usually purchase the girls versions because I find that the designs are much more palatable but personally, the designs...
  6. nou2019

    Drynites getting thinner?

    If you've ever seen me around the forum you know I love my Drynites - I have little to no interest in regular nappies, I guess you could call me a "Pullups Conneseur". Anyway, today I fancied some of the girls design but when I went to the store and picked it off the shelf, the packaging was...
  7. dpcare

    Tabs for goodnites

    this is not my petition but I think it could use some support there is a petition for to put tabs on Goodnites here is a link Tabs for goodnites
  8. trevy

    Cat&Jack boys underwear

    I just bought Cat & Jack Boys briefs in an XL. I’m a 34 waist 39.5 hip and 5’8”. They fit well, with room to grow. I haven’t washed them yet but I will update when I do, I don’t think washing will be a problem though...
  9. SwedishAMAZING

    Has anybody tried the new goodnites size?

    Any fan of goodnites knows what im talking about :)
  10. S

    New member seeking help

    I first remember being interested in diapers or similar sometime between ages 4 and 8. In college or shortly after I would sometimes buy L/XL Goodnites. I would occasionally buy and wear them but not all the time. Almost 5 years ago I got married. I didn’t disclose anything about it to my wife...
  11. E

    New DryNites

    hello, I have a smaller question and a possible debate about DryNites, when do you think their next new design (I'm talking about Europeans from the UK) the existing design will be 2 years old and it would like a change, or how often DryNites changes its appearance?
  12. T

    Wet The Bed Last Night!

    I’ve been a lurker here for several months but I made an account just to share how excited I am! As a fully continent DL I’ve of course wanted to wet the bed forever. I’ve tried all sorts of things, drinking a lot of liquid before bed, sleeping pills, etc trying to make myself wet and nothing...
  13. fldprboi21

    Young adults who wear goodnites

    Do any young adults wear goodnites? I feel like the majority of members mention wearing adult diapers predominantly and would like to connect with/ be reassured that I’m not alone. 29 year old male who only wears boys goodnites.
  14. Johnjohnson135

    Goodnites Sizing

    Hi there! So my son is 130lbs, 14 yrs old and has a 28” waist. He like the S/M designs but I wasn’t sure what the best size is for him. He’s 5’11 so that may help as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  15. 12srepaid

    Website for innovations

    There was a website that showed product innovations, but I can't remember what the website was. I believe Goodnites Tru-Fit was on the website when they were being introduced. The website also featured people testing different products. Does anybody know the name of the website? Thank You in...
  16. A

    Goodnites Absorbent Inserts for Girls

  17. L

    What diapers / pull ups should I try in the US

    Hey there I’m currently in the US for some time and I‘m wondering what diapers / pull ups there are to try. I am a huge fan of Goodnites and I did fit quite well in the L/XL ones, tried the new size L ones and they fit as well and I can wear them for the night without ripping, though they are...
  18. PawPatrolzz6634

    Does anyone like to wear goodnites over ABDL Diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time?

    Hey guys on ADISC, today I will ask you guys a question. Does anyone like to wear goodnites over ABDL Diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time? Just letting you guys know.
  19. Consul

    Goodnites XL in Canada!

    Hi everyone - Just thought I'd share some exciting news for fellow Canadians: Goodnites XL is available in Canada! I know, because I just bought some from a local Wal-Mart. So, if you're like me and in Canada and have been waiting forever to get these, you may be in luck!
  20. Demonbabywearspamps

    Goodnites/drynites size?

    Can someone tell me what's the actual max waist size in inches that goodnites/drynites fit? Weight category makes zero sense to me. Just because someone is a certain weight doesn't mean they'll fit something so i wanted to know.