Folsom.... Is it worth it?

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Ok, yeah I had to post this.... I Feel like a noob by asking about this but wtf, you don't know till you ask... What's the deal with Folsom street fair? I have a friend who's into bdsm & she's egging me to go saying they have abdl play spaces & such. I've searched online and googled my heart out but I can't find a substantial abdl presence at least from an advertising standpoint for FSF.

Anyone been that can shed some light on this?

Anyone planning to go this year (2015) and know of worth while abdl stuff?

I'm hesitant to travel hundreds of miles, spend hundreds of dollars only to be disappointed. By the look of the pictures its solely bdsm, which is not my scene when it comes to regressing. I'd hate to go and come home feeling I wasted a weekend when I could have used the money for a little con... Thanks for listening!
Mind you, this is all second-hand info; I've never been there.

Apparently things can get pretty intense at the FSF. I've seen videos of full-on sex acts and watersports in the middle of the street. Depending on how deeply you regress, your reaction could range from adult arousal to childlike fear and disgust.

I vaguely remember some ABDLs complaining of rejection or derision from other non-ABDL attendees, but I could be wrong.

The question is, what kind of experience are you looking for? Can that experience be found closer to home, for less money? Are you looking to engage in diapered sex-play or simply socializing and regressing with other ABDLs?
first I ever heard of this, what i it?
SilentlySpeaking said:
first I ever heard of this, what i it?

A Big BDSM and Gay Festival.

Being Gay and an Adult Baby, I would feel out of place in the middle of a crowd of Gay Leathermen with whips and chains.:eek!:
Being little would it be more fun teddy con or capcon they are more ab/bl cons.
I have heard mention of San Fransisco's BDSM week as the one to attend for being the biggest, best, and most inclusive BDSM events. No clue about ABDL's specifically though. AB is part of BDSM, the Dominance/submission part in a very specific form. Instead of Master and slave or Owner and pet, it is Mommy and little. Each of these dynamics are known to be unique and may not mix well. AB's basically require a seperate space from traditional leather activities.

You may want to ask more specific questions of your friend. How is it organized? How are you going to find the ABDL play spaces? Will you be touring the street alone? With your friend be splitting your time between your interests and hers? Does she want company to not go alone herself? This may be a fun weekend for you two to share. Maybe sharing the travel and lodging cost may be in order if she is wanting you to go with her.

The better question is how well you can handle seeing the bondage and discipline or sadomasochism. Could this ruin your entire trip? The street pictures on Wikipedia were clearly heavy BDSM. I would be uncomfortable there in public and BDSM is my scene.
I went a couple of years ago.

#1 It is a gay and BDSM event. If you are uncomfortable with either then don't go. I am not gay but am kink friendly so I was comfortable there.
#2 The mix is about 80% men and 20% women.
#3 Once again this will be sexual themed so be comfortable seeing naked men/women and items like impact play and LOTS OF LEATHER!!!!!
#4 It gets crowded!!! Although it stretches for many blocks I have heard that several hundred thousand people attend annually.
#5 I came pretty vanilla but once inside the security area, I pulled off my shorts and walked around in a diaper and t-shirt the whole time. I received some laughs but also some "right on's" and "that's cool" I say I noticed at least 20-30 people in nothing but diapers throughout the day.

#6 While I did not go last year, I heard that Snuggies now has a booth and that there is an increasing AB/DL presence.
#7 If you decide to go, I would suggest contacting some of the local munches as they tend to have events before the Fair. This could help extend the weekend and make the trip more worth the while.

I plan on attending again someday should my Fall work schedule permit.
you might want to check with the little scout group in SF to see if they have anything planned. i went with a dadda a few years back OMGolly it was over the top.
PS i was in my best baby clothes around all those dirty men giggle. :paci:
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