Eclipse Europe 2015

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did you see? was it worth it? did you bother?

i got pics and vids, though it was touch and go as to cloudiness (and i wasn't going to bother because of that being forecast).
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the birds got a bit giddy, along the lines of, "is it bedtime already??? we've only just up! what the flap!!!"
their disruption continued into the afternoon.

Harry got giddy around the peak [for us], when the temperature dropped sharply.
'twas okay, but not as eerie as 99's total eclipse, when all and every stopped.
It's funny actually. I was quite excited about this having been waiting for a few years. I got myself a solar viewing frame and made a pinhole projector out of a shoebox just in case.

In the end it was pretty cloudy in Glasgow, even though it was almost a total eclipse here. I did catch a glimpse of it, but it was so brieg and unexpected with all the clouds that I didn't even use the equiptment I had prepared to look at it. >.< Well, it was only for a moment and it was still sorta obscured by clouds so my eyes will probably be fine. As for the whole "everything going dark", it seemed more like it was just duller than usual for a few minutes here. I hope to at some point see a full solar eclipse on a clear day, but I enjoyed this one regardless.

Anyway, nice pictures dude. Very cool. :)
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