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Is it safe to drink tea that will cause the same effect as diuretic pill but it all natural from nature.
A lot of "modern medicines" are just refinements of "home remedies". Asparain came from the american indians that chewed a leaf that contained smaller amounts of the base chemical. So yes, an "all-natural" compound can work, though usually not as well. Coffee for example, is considered a diuretic. Coffee drinkers have to pee more not just because of the water content in the coffee - the coffee itself is also pulling additional water out of their body

Whatever the case, it's not going to make you suddely get urgent to pee or involuntarily wet. You'll get just as good of results by simply drinking more water. Your kidneys monitor your blood volume and alkali balanace, and pull out water as needed. All a diuretic does is make the kidneys think they need to work harder when they don't. So a duiretic without drinking more water is just going to dehydrate you. If your kidneys are working normally, a diuretic is a bad idea when all you need to do is simply drink more.
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I'm just asking because seen this was is this safe as like drinking cranberry or apple juice what will have same effect with peeing a lot.
I would say the tea would be safe to drink as long as it comes from a reputable company, a brand name that everyone knows. When I had my bleeding ulcer, the hospital staff had me drink a concoction of half cranberry juice and half ginger ale. I still drink it to this day. The cranberry juice is good for the kidneys and the ginger ale has no caffeine in it.
iirc it's the caffeine that is the diuretic in coffee (and tea) Cranberry juice is known to be good for the kidneys and bladder, so if you like that, it's probably one of the best ways for a dl to hydrate. Unfortunately for me, I have problems with acid reflux and certain high-acid things are out. I never liked grapefruit juice, but I do miss the OJ, that stuff tears up my stomach though :( Cramberry juice is a bit hard on me but tolerable. Wish I could drink more of it. I have a galon bottle on the counter right now in fact, tempting me...
Would you like to give us more information on the tea you are considering? Are you only trying to pee more?

The tea is likely safe if it is from a reputable source. I would be concerned about the ingredients, following the directions, and drinking plenty of water. If your goal is just peeing more, you could also drink normal tea, green tea, or any regular herbal tea known to be safe. A big glass off iced tea will make you go also. So will a quart of water.

A diuretic can dehydrate a person if used too much. A natural tea does not have the diuretic ingredients tightly controlled like medications. It could be possible to take too much and cause a problem if someone is not careful. It would be used by people who have too much water in their body. Too much of it would make the body get rid of too much water. Not safe.

A person will naturally pee more if they drink more liquids. The safest option is pure water. The next safest is lightly flavored water like apple juice. My favorite beverages, caffeinated beverages, have caffeine which is both a diuretic and a stimulant. A person should also consider drinking water with these to prevent dehydration. These are considered safe in reasonable quantities.

Did I answer your question well enough?
I am training for 24/7 wearing and am using a mix of dandelion and nettle leaf and root tea along with plenty of water.
With this, I am peeing every half hour or so and it is becoming an unconscious activity.
The key is plenty of water so as not to dehydrate.
Drink plenty of water.. Yeah tea too if you want, but water
When I want to wet my nappies, I just chill and drink green tea :3 Usually go trough two mugs in a day and it keeps me going trough the day. I can recommend it!
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