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  • Hi I live in upstate New York as well and I have a similar situation to you. I am also disabled and I love your crib! Can we chat?
    I like 90s and early 2000s cartoons, some shows I like bow but not as much....hey do u have a skype?
    Lol yay! What cartoons are you watching? Thanks for responding back btw, its nice meeting friends here
    That sounds great! I hope you can achieve all that. And you're right; if you stick to something and put enough effort in it, you can accomplish it. =D Good luck, I'll be praying for you =]
    I am well, just been tired eith school lately, almost over
    hey wutsup babylife, ive seen u around the forums, just thought I would give you a friendly hello :)
    Aww, don't loose heart. I know it's hard and frustrating, but I also know me and several others would hate to see you go, bud. :hug:
    hey well its all cool with me i guess thats fine. Just looking out ya no! But to be honest its one post and your not using to make any form of profit so there is no big deal.
    Hey babylife, yeah just be careful about the whole copy paste thing. It can seriously get you in trouble with the law. LOL i should know, im always gonna write my own papers from now on :p

    But about your sentences, don't worry about it the people who care and who you want to care can understand. Any one else that can't oh well. I mean its really not that hard to understand what your trying to say! It's fairly easy really! Hell sometimes i read things from people w/out a disability and its like o_O WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING!!! So your good and don't worry what others say. *huggles*!!!!
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