Diapers (adultos panales) availiable in Spain...

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Starting a general thread to share reviews of the 'adultos panales' commonly available in Spain. (I live in southern spain, so can't speak for the rest of the country)

Here's what I've tried:

Orlys from Mercador - cheap, plastic, with nice rear coverage but not enough at the front.

Lysette - from a pharmacy, they have a nice fabric feel but are prone to sagging and can sometimes feel loose. At times however they have felt the most 'authentic'.

Lindor Ausonia - just bought them from another pharmacy. They really hug tight and secure. Nice fabric feel. Havent tested them yet but they feel like they'd be good for wearing out and about as movement is not that restricted.
Hola SaladDreams,

Thank you for starting this thread.

This topic is interesting to me as I occasionally travel to or through Spain and need to restock diapers. As I am IC, the restocking issue is extremely critical. Otherwise I have to spend hundreds of dollars for an extra large suitcase full of nothing but diapers.

As you have the opportunity to test them, please let us know your impressions. As someone who is IC (both bowel and bladder), I am interested in those diapers that are higher in quality. Please note whether they have internal standing leak guards.

Please tell us how you wear them so that we can better understand the results of your tests - do you wear diapers with plastic pants? What about compression pants or a onesie?

Have you tried having a local pharmacy order higher quality diapers from their supplier?

If you find any diaper reviews, even in Spanish, please post the link for those of us who can read them.

Sorry JD, I wear diapers for recreational purposes (as strange as that probably seems to you) so can't really comment as I rarely 'use' them out and about. At a guess I'd say the Lindors would be the most practical, but I can't be certain. Plus I only buy slips so can't speak for pullups.
The best diaper brand you can find in Spain is Indaslip Maxi, this diaper absorbs up to 2 litres and it's the brand i've been using for years. :thumbsup:
When I was in Benidorm in 2013 , I found plastic backed diapers called Febus in a small household goods shop. I wrote an article about my find on diaperforo the Spanish ABDL site.
All bets are off. I just found Tena Slip Plus in a pharmacy. Basically, it works like this: what you find on a supermarket shelf is likely to be crap. You have to go through the ordeal of asking the person behind the till at the pharmacy and see what they have. The name of the pharmacy was Farmacia Andalucia, they seem to be a chain.
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