1. Drynites96

    Well that was embarrassing...

    Well my family and I will drive around 11 hours to Spain tonight for our Camping Trip. My Car needs to get checked while we're away, so my Uncle is going to drive it to the service station. My Mother asked me if I have some stuff in the trunk and I said yes. She went outside and came back with...
  2. ThoughtsInsideADream

    Diapers (adultos panales) availiable in Spain...

    Starting a general thread to share reviews of the 'adultos panales' commonly available in Spain. (I live in southern spain, so can't speak for the rest of the country) Here's what I've tried: Orlys from Mercador - cheap, plastic, with nice rear coverage but not enough at the front. Lysette...
  3. ThoughtsInsideADream

    What are the best places in Spain to get decent diapers? (postage is not an option)

    I'm living in Spain, and so far I've only been able to find rubbish pull-ups in the pharmacy and low quality slips from Mercadona. In in the south if that helps...
  4. G

    One from Spain

    Hi there, I'm an ABDL from Spain that foun dthis forum, and after seeing how good it was, i have to introduce myself, so... Hi everyone!
  5. erreniega

    Greetings from Barcelona

    Hi everybody, I'm a guy from Barcelona that wants to know something else about this world. If anyone comes to Barcelona, please let me know and I'll be your diaper-guide around the city. Hope I make friends soon! See you here!
  6. NomadSage

    Salvete, Hello, Hola

    Hello, everyone. I'm an American living in Spain. I just graduated from uni, and I did my last year of uni in Andalusia (the south of Spain). Now I live in Madrid and work as a teacher. I spend most of my free time writing and reading—I'm a bit of an introvert in a party-hard extroverted...