Diaper stigma(every body wears them)but none will admit it

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I find it funny, i'm sure lots of people work in retail. But I'm very surprised how many people do wear diapers, or pullup but try to hide it. With kids the'll fill the cart or run over to make it quick. But adults, walk around with there's in there cart like it no big thing(i'm sure every trip there heart is pounding). If they only new how many people come in and buy undergarments they would not feel so ashamed of it. I try to be extra nice! If kids need a confidence boost! some cry. some don't.With so many people now, we must re-evaluate. more people less bathrooms! more traffic! more weighting! diapers should be though of like plastic bags, you see them every where & you use one when ever you need it.

Largest demographic at our location(men and woman 40-65).and baby's of course. So if your out there! Lot's of people do(lots)though they pretend like they don't.
If you new me 2 years ago, I would hide and get embarrassed just looking at diapers in a public place, I have been wearing on and off for 15 years, since my little atv accident and now needing them at night my embarrassment had gone away, now I don't really care what people think, my recent girlfriend helped me to get over this, to bad it didn't work out between us (not dl related)
A few years ago, I used to go to the store with my mom and she would tell me to "go pick out some diapers that you like and put them in the cart", and I would be really embarrassed. Most of the time I would get a pack or two of goodnites. Once, she suggested I try underjams, which I did. But it doesn't bother me any more, especially since I usually go by myself now.
At the beginning I felt quite embarrassed with just being in the aisle where the adult diapers/pullups were, never mind walking to the nearest cashier to get the "hell out of Dodge.....lol". But it did not take long to figure out that in general other shoppers just do not care what you are looking at because they are too busy looking at what they need. And as far as the cashiers are concerned, they don't blink an eye as they are more concerned to get you through quickly and get onto the next customer. And if I am purchasing underjams or goodnites, everyone will just assume that "grandpa" is doing the shopping....lol
I always needed to wear 24/7 but as most kids, I was always sensitive to keeping it a secret to avoid the teasing from friends and other kids. back then Huggins were available, but my mom preferred to use cloth diapers and hung them outside to dry after washing. It really wasn't much of a problem when I was younger as I had younger siblings, however as my younger siblings grew beyond the age of needing diapers, then friends started to ask who was still wearing the diapers. I was surprised, Most were quite accepting of the answer, and I rarely was teased after that.
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You discover as you get older, most people dont give a shit about others purchases
I'm getting used to buying them. ... slowly...
Yooo it does get easier to wear diapers and to buy them openly find a medical supplier that's in your area or order online. I deal with 2 suppliers here in the Toronto area and both places I can openly talk about my diaper requirements and they some times make suggestions that make dealing with bladder issues easier.
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