Diaper Hygiene

NinjaPizza said:
Yeah, there's no reason you can't deposit some of the solids into the toilet. Though I think this is also why diaper pails were invented, to secure the bacteria and smells.

But I just bag the evidence up and take it to the cans out back right away.
Kayleigh said:
I’m surprised that I rarely see mention (other than Austin) of dropping the feces from a diaper into a toilet before wrapping the diaper up. I don’t mess but I used to do that all the time with my children’s diapers. It always bothered me to have loaded diapers sitting anywhere before garbage pickup.
Modern landfills are supposed to be designed to keep anything from getting into the ground water. But that’s assuming that your trash is going to a modern landfill because most of us have no idea where our garbage finds its final resting place. Then there’s the fact that you have human feces sitting in your garbage basket for how long before it’s picked up? And then there’s the poor garbage man, if your trash is still handled by a person rather than by equipment, but just in case it’s good policy to flush what you can. Stay padded, empty the contents before disposing of the deadly disposable.🤧🥴😝
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NovaDL said:
I would like to add that I strongly recommend this particular zinc ointment both for prevention and treatment of rash. While Desitin is the most commonly known brand, it has one major problem: you can't get it off your hands! Literally the only way to get rid of the stuff is rubbing alcohol, which dries out your skin. This stuff will mostly come off using regular soap and water, and can be gotten the rest of the way off with towels. It's also significantly cheaper for the amount you get than name-brand versions.
This is what the VA sends me and i have found if i put on exam gloves to apply iti can take off the gloves and tape up the diaper and have the tapes stick without getting it on my fingers and the tapes.
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