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Hey all,

After a little lurking I thought I'd join up as I have specific question that you might be able to answer for me!

First off, a little about myself - I'm from Southern England, in a relationship and my girlfriend and I have been experimenting with dl play for the past month or so. Its been great fun, and I've now got myself a fairly reasonable stash! This forum has been a helpful source :smile:

I've decided I'd really like to get some Depend diapers / nappies, but I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells the unisex protection with tabs that I've seen is so popular in the US. I know there's tons of alternatives, but I really like the look of them, especially on females. The closet I've found are these, but I've no idea if these are the same as the typical US variety.

If I'm not able to source them here, perhaps you could suggest a brand / model that looks very similar (little to no advertising, cute fit, adjustable with tabs, all white and plastic)?

Sorry to be so fussy!

Thanks :smile:
Depend is famously terrible.
I think Depends can get a bad rap but they're definitely not great for capacity, and in your case not worth the effort it would take to acquire them. I don't know much about diapers in the UK but I did get some DryDayz from a visiting friend that I found pretty serviceable and certainly better than Depends in performance. See what you think:
Hi Solent, with a home in both UK and US I can confirm that as per Tena and Attends, Depend products only share a brand name, but are very different products. Simply- the European versions are all much better.

The North American 'Depend protection with tabs' do look nice, and are indeed cute on girls. I like the soft white plastics combined with the small pops of green elastic material. However, as you have read earlier, they do not hold that much. I would certainly not spend time and money getting them to the UK. Easier to wait until life brings you over to the U.S., and then just pop down to Walmart and treat yourself to some ;-)

In the UK, my go-to all-white, plain, cute white plastic nappy is the Boots Staydry product. Any decent sized Boots will stock them these days, and you are basically looking for the ones with 8 droplets on the front. (They do pullups and everything). They are cheap, look cute on girls, and actually hold more than the Depend with tabs.

Have fun!
Hi solent finally some one else from south Hampshire :) try comficare from save express they are mega thick and nice
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